North Korea, Kim Jong, President Trump discussed on Kilmeade & Friends with Brian Kilmeade


It was we sent somebody to singapore nobody from north korea came they changed their tone in terms of talking about not giving up their nuclear program trump thought he was being played it all really happened after kim jong met with the chinese president you know i think china north korea back because they thought they were going too far too fast and that's unfortunate so this is a big miscalculation by china every president before trump is engaged with korea we've done deals with north korea the only have them back out not give up their nuclear program make it bigger i cannot stress enough how president trump believes that was a mistake this is gonna end on his watch he's not gonna pass it on to another president in the best way to end this diplomacy without china there will not be a diplomatic solution without china there would be no nuclear north korea senator lindsey graham arbogast and we're just trying to go through the latest breaking news on north korea i was pretty stunned by this i know politics is everywhere but in your walker when you're negative words when you're walking through syria when you're going into israel i see you go into russia that's what you do guys like you and john mccain do when you have time off you trying to find out what's going on politics gets removed that's that explains your relationship with joe lieberman democrat gun independent but listen to the mocking from the other side and by the way high hidden within socalled journalists cut five there are parts of it that read like a sort of wistful highschool breakup letter in some ways i thought a wonderful dialogue was building up between you and me this is not typical trumpian language but he did want this to happen please do not take the call moment right i kept telling my producers today this is a total breakup letter this is this is.

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