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Q on cbc radio one sirius xm one sixty nine and from pri public radio international i'm tom power welcome to the show nice to be here leaving for ottawa for audubon for vancouver in a in a couple of hours so i'm excited to get to vancouver tonight but in the meantime we gotta show to do so let's get right to it every band you hear on the radio every group that sells millions of albums wins tons of awards they all start somewhere and for bare naked ladies that somewhere with scarborough ontario it's we're steven page and ed robertson i met in elementary school is where they started playing music together in their parents basements it's where they wrote songs like brian wilson and if i had a million dollars that was thirty years ago and now with kind of perfect timing asbury naked ladies gear up to celebrate this thirtieth anniversary the band is being inducted into the canadian music hall of fame this sunday at the juno awards so the whole group is going to be there the current lineup with ed robertson and with steven page as you might know steven page hasn't seen his old bandmates in almost a decade and when i sat down with him in advance of the big night this sunday he got pretty honest about what it's going to feel like getting up on stage of bare naked ladies after all this time but before he digs into all of that including his split from the band back in two thousand nine steven page takes you back to the place they started back to scarborough back to the eighties when they weren't future bogus they were future but they weren't canadian music hall of famers they were just starting out congratulations i think they had to kind of like feel us out a little bit like would you be okay if this was to ever happen could you go and be there in the same room and then i think they went to the other guy and thankfully we all said yeah sure but i gotta ask this weird at all to get the call given the history with the bank of and that you're not in the band anymore that was at least at least a little weird anxiety inducing.

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