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Young has had a great game when you think about it they've all been touchdown passes got four already holy smokes four touchdown passes were in the first half leaving his sid Luckman but there is Doug Brian with the extra point Dick is up and it's god in San Francisco takes the twenty eight to seven lead for forty four to go here in the first half you know we all thought that the possibility was there the charges to compete but they can't fall behind any worse than this they are a second half team this is about the outlook yeah and they're not the kind of team that's going to make a whole lot of points they stayed pretty close to both Miami and Pittsburgh in those games they didn't fall this far behind you remember in the Pittsburgh and they only had two big plays one was a along exploring play to professional and then the other one was a long played a Martin so really only had two big offense he plays in a game against Pittsburgh already here twenty eight to seven we're going to need for five to get background it was a nine play fifty one yard drive by the forty nine looking at the Super Bowl record for most touchdown passes ever thrown in the game was by a guy by the name of Joe Montana the last forty under Superbowl victory when they beat the Denver Broncos fifty five ten cancel all ready young has tied for second place with Terry Bradshaw Doug Williams is Troy Aikman of all have four touchdown game well he's already eliminated most of those Joe Montana demons with his play this year the quarterback rankings the second time he won the player of the year only Montana done that before so a lot of that eliminated with Steve attack of the season the only last week the one he won the MVP two years ago he knew that he had a long ways to improve any ads Holman takes.

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