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Kboi kboi news starts now is tyler martin unsuccessfully kboi could you imagine oil companies being allowed to drill at craters of the man interior secretary ryan zinke has been working toward in august 24th deadline to make his recommendations on monument designations creators of the moon national monument was on the list but thankfully it's no longer a review however many other designations in the west are still being considered chris seager with western values project thinks the monument review is the first step at a broader push for more drilling on public glands that will bypass what local residue want berry all of these monument that we're talking about our paper that have economies that have built up around the hand community comport preminum on bone and what secretary vinke and president trump are doing it worsening you are really narrow section of washington and fighter and the rest of us are at a price or public news service explains about two dozen current monuments are under were view that includes beer ears in utah and gold butte in the battle rick worthington six seventy kboi dr tommy out quest is running for governor in two thousand eighteen in idaho he was a guest this morning on six seventy kboi with paul j and chris and discussed a variety of topics are quiz talked about why he is running to be the next governor of idaho and discussed the need for leadership in the state i believe the role of the executive branch of government is to provide the vision and direction to then share that vision with others and then move the state forward and we need that desperately with education with healthcare with infrastructure with tax policy we need leadership and i think i can read leadership alquizar is running as a republican against rao will labrador in the republican primary temperatures reached a high of eighty seven degrees today and there are expected to reach a high of eighty nine degrees tomorrow tyler martin six seventy kboi sixty seconds the mark levin show followed at eleven by john bachelor on six seventy kboi.

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