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Alabama is because they're so excellent that everything else a lot of the fan frustration really concentrates on this position. So when kicker messes up, which is not terribly unusual, Alabama, the backlash tends to be really extreme at Alabama particular. And of course, they're their fans are legion. And are, you know, famous for their devotion in general? And so when something is bothering them, they'd definitely make it known in some cases through no issuing threats, or you know, really nasty messages on social media when someone Franson pessimistic kick, the Rachel is that really unique to Alabama people are getting so nasty on social media. Well, that's a great question. It's not Bama that. There is backlash on this terrible behavior on social media. I do think that it's it's possibly at a different level at all Bama because there really is very little other. Place to concentrate stands frustration as I said, you know, they are defeated this year. They've won five national titles in nine years. They really don't mess up in many other areas. And so this is the one bugaboo that has really dogged them, and and tickers have made mistakes and very high profile games. Which also I think sort of like exacerbates the the fan reaction. We're speaking with Rachel Bachman of the Wall Street Journal, Rachel, I know you reached out to some of those kickers who have messed up in the past. And they didn't even wanna talk to you. Right. Yes. If you wouldn't talk, and I certainly understand that I think some of them maybe just want to avoid the fan backlash that I mentioned the ones did speak to me. You know, they had some really interesting insights, and one of the ones that I really hadn't heard elsewhere is Nick Sabin choice of holder. Now, the person who takes the sap in and actually holds the ball for the kick Sabin really prefers quarterbacks to do this to add this to their duties, but a few. Because I talk to you said that may not be the best idea because in practice quarterbacks really have to spend most of the time, of course, running the offense. Flirting plays honing them perfecting them. So they don't have much time to spend practicing holding ticker and as a result. These players said they think that somebody's kickers might be uncomfortable. Once again in the game or does not have the report, and you know, the level of ease that you might have if you spent most of your practice time with the same colder and to break that down a little further. It's not just a quarterback. But the starting quarterback that makes a huge difference. Yeah. To type started out you held some lasts. He said that he helps them for about half of the season. He's not doing most of the whole now. But a backup quarterback is. But even the backup quarterbacks spend most of their time in practice on the offense. They're still not spending time with the kicker is practicing holds. Most of the time. And so certainly it was kind of an extreme situation. When you start the season with a Heisman Trophy candidate quarterback holding on kicks in extra points. But they still have a situation where the holder really doesn't spend most of his practice time with the kicker. This weekend's Jennifer Kushinka with Wall Street Journal reporter, Rachel Bachman, Alabama and Clemson Monday night, eight o'clock on ESPN thirty minutes after the hour on this weekend. Everyone. You. Let's stop what we're.

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