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T o little bread, A bitch and Dan Hampton. I like what you guys have done for the game. Y'all pulled your blood, sweat and tears are for this game. You guys are like the epitome of what bears Bear team should be and speaking of their defense. What in the holy text happened with the Bears defense on Sunday. I do not know what just happened, but I did not see nobody on that defense make any type of tackles. Eddie Jackson was just last Not making any tackles. Roll continents was not existent. We have spent over $400 million on that defense of line. Khalil Mack did not show up. Robert Clinton not show up. Mean Aaron Rodgers could have just went to the locker room, took a shower, came back and thrown a pass down the device Adams and they would've gotten touchdown. I do not know what's going on, but this team is so poorly coached. So poorly mismanaged. Those three stooges, Ted Phillips, Ryan Taste and Matt. Maggie. I'm done with them. I am almost 30 years old. I've seen this team just fell constantly so many times. And one that I have to bring up is that up until 1992 the bears were up 24 games against the Packers. And ever since. 1992 the Packers are 42 15, and that is unacceptable. A Coke before you go, Kofi, just one of them on a positive note. What was your favorite moment in your 30 years is being a bears fan Coffee? What stands out for you? The Super Bowl. That's the one thing that stood out to me and told me in 2016 went to the Super Bowl. But other than that, I mean, the coast in misery. Coke, a coffee. We're just gonna put you up for Caller of the year running coffee. That was a great call. Kendall Coffey. One, the one in your head. It's the pelt. I just think about the opening kickoff. Think about Devin has to running down the field and think about how good you felt Coffee. That day was over when he ran it for a time. Everything everything that runs right? Everything that returned the opening kick up Blue Super Bowl. It's like a written rule. Yeah, I thought we were gonna win that one to win when Devon has to return that kicking off. Also excited. I know you did Comfy like man, Rex Grossman, my man. Kofi Kofi. Just just know when your head hits the pillow tonight. One day. I'm not saying tomorrow I'm not saying Next year. I don't even know if it's going in the next 10 years. But you're gonna have that feeling again. So just hang in there. All right. I want to win a trophy, You know important. More importantly, Bar Delaney's buddy goes nothing better than that. Trust me. I'm out West and I would give my left arm and right leg to have a little bar to win any so you get $50 worth, so enjoy it. He brought in the park shoulder tonight, cause it was it was a new wrinkle. By the way, you know, I was looking at some of the stats over the last 20 years, The Bears have had how many winning seasons O B? Done seven had seven winning seasons. They've had five playoff appearances. How many wins in the last 10 years in the playoffs? None. Zero. Yeah, I think there would have been asked to give you the answer. Now, whatever you're gonna have none. Okay. You know what the worst that that they brought up on Sunday night to me, was which I thought was completely amazing. The Bears quarterback who has thrown the most touchdown passes against the Green Bay Packers. You guys remember that graphic Cause I am put that one together. It was pretty much vomiting at that point. Well, the so explain it to all the answer was with 16 touchdown passes was Sid Luckman. Sid Luckman. He played in the forties, when they didn't even throw the football or barely through the football. Well, if you look at his stats, they did right. He was unbelievable. Yeah, right. He was unbelievable. He had a completion percentage about 50%. He threw like 10 touchdown passes a year. He was great that I mean, this is the guy 70 years remember up until 1992. We were still crushing them. I'm not four game lead is whooping, right? That's fine, but we weren't crushing him and this But with Baba Vellini and Vince Evans and come name all hands, quarterbacks beaten him up. It was about beating him up. Right, Right. I mean, hey, look, we're lose. You wanted to beat up the Packers and you know again, we the defense would carry us through most of those years. When we would beat the Packers. It was the defense. There's no question about it. And that's what was so disappointing about that defense not showing up, But let's call it what it is Khalil Mack had. You know he wanted to prove that the Raiders made a mistake, and he gave us one good year. That's it. You know Robert Quinn. I don't even know I don't even know what his number is that he must will not wear number and I don't know who 92 is. But that could be the worst player I've ever seen. With the worst effort on most plays, going up the middle. You know, and of course, the team Hicks. Uh, as you pointed out, you're right. It really is the man he made. Uh, he make Khalil Mack look a lot better in that first year, but you know, it's the truth is, I'm watching guys that didn't even try to tackle anybody. And that 92 on a couple of plays really stood out. Not even know who. What? The curator. I'm just saying his number Because I don't care what his number is. Hopefully, he's out of the league. Or he should be at least out of Chicago. Because he's not, you know, don't even make an effort. But I will, say Johnson, the cornerback, White receiver on a picture perfect hit, you know, in today's NFL guys, have you ever seen a better hit by a cornerback? Then he put on the wide receiver from the Packers fourth quarter with it. You know, it really didn't matter, but he just lit him up and it was beautiful. That? I mean, that's what you want, right? Because as we look at the last five games coming up, you know and again, you can't look past The Detroit Lions. Now that was the opening game. Remember, this was the bear team, the new and improved and everything was going to be great and To Biscuit had to throw three touchdowns in the fourth quarter for us tow, be able to take a lead and then Devante. Uh, Swift drops a sure touchdown pass that would have beat us. And yet, everybody's thinking now that Detroit's fired their coach, this is gonna be a walk in the park and Matt Maggie's going to assert himself as the new Sven Golly and challenge everyone..

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