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Morning news. I'm JT. Here we are. The weekend is upon us and more college football. For the most part, anyway. They're silly. Joins us from CBS Sports to take a look. Take a look rather The SEC games this weekend. Very good morning. So one team not going to be going because of covert Ole Miss Lane Kiffin, my son and the rest of them and not playing this weekend against an M. Yeah, And it's unfortunate because I think for protective saying him Having success defensively, potentially having success defensively against it. Ole Miss offense that this prolific as it is with would definitely be, um, be attractive, so to speak to the selection committee, so it's always great to see old Miss. Did you see that offense again? But I really miss that a point for Texas A and M that could come back to haunt him. Yeah, no doubt about it. Now, the next game for old Mrs Coming up the following weekend with L s u yet to be seen on how that may play out, Ellis, you speaking of them? They just did some self imposed penalties. No bowl games because that whole scandal with the Children's hospital where somebody embezzled money to give to the parents of a player that has since graduated, but Is the N C W going to be satisfied with those self imposed penalties that l s U has put out there or are they going to say Not enough? Here comes some more penalties. I would. I don't think it's enough because it's obvious why it's happening. Right, like if they didn't suck as much as they did for lack of a better term would just be happening right now. No, they wait till they're three and five and just got smoked by Alabama, Yoko's of old band. I mean, come on, Esso, and we've seen this before. If you remember because all miss sort of went down that same path they He started to have a bad season. Then they self imposed a bowl ban and they didn't qualify for bull anyway. That year. You know you get another one. Right. All right. Well, now with all of that in play now, with the almost team canceled because of Cody Ellis, you putting these penalties on and maybe not going to play that game of illness, And could they throw out the excuse? Hey, we're just done with our season since we're not doing bowl games, and you know we're getting crushed this year. Let's just call it a day. You might as well write. Essentially, that's what's happened. Way saw terrorist marshal locked out a few weeks ago. Their freshman tight end Eric Gilbert is basically packing it in opting out air quote, which let's be honest at this point the season. If your team's not very good, it's called quitting. We could be on what it is, but, yeah, they're done. They're so over this season, and they're just looking for a five to find a way to get to the off season. Well, let's talk about the battle that they've got this weekend. And probably, I mean, just unlawful score at the end of this l s U Florida game. I'm going gators on this, obviously, but This game's still on As of right now in Florida's office is just going to sign. Nice. Ls use defense way. Saw hell issues? Yeah, actually, if you've seen it all year long. Trifle. And so they're going to want to stop child trafficking tile pits, Not a chance. No. All right. I'm assuming you're going the Gators as well. So it was Georgia Missouri game. I think I'll take the bull dogs in this one. Yeah. Yeah, that was. This is pretty good for Georgia. Now that JT Daniels is has taken the snaps a quarterback and Missouri's played well against the looking saying last week. Ah lot of offense, which for them is gonna be happy how they have to play against Georgia. I I just Georgia right now. They've gotten in too much of a group. Offensively they are. They're going to talk to be moving forward. Yeah. All right. The next game, Tennessee and Vanderbilt. How do you like, hear Tennessee is really struggling. E No. What a sad game that that game looks like Tennessee Reluctantly. Vanderbilt is when when we saw this when, when, in two weeks ago, they couldn't even get into field goal range for Sarah, Bowler. I know. I know. Bad. All right, Let's move one. Let's move on. I feel bad for Jeremy Pruitt. All right, Let's talk about Auburn, Mississippi State. A lot of people rumbling now about you know, Malzahn again. Here we go. Lackluster season. I still think Auburn wins this one against Mississippi State. You have you to homeland defense is all right. Not great through against the past, but it's all right. And Mr ST John run the football and that's how you beat over because they're run. Defense is so bad, so I just it doesn't match up well for Mississippi State. I'll take the Tigers. You like males on to be around next year. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Wow. I didn't mean to throw you for a loop. They're very reluctant. You think you'll be here next year? Yes, As of this very second of this day. That can change in about five minutes. Okay. Alright. Final gave this weekend in the SEC. Alabama Arkansas Roll tide. Let's go. Yeah. Pretty dead mate. Way better than they were last year. There ain't nobody stopping Alabama. Yeah, they're just on fire. Now that brings us to bowl games in the playoffs. I just want to get your thoughts real quick. Uh, Barrett, Ohio State has played four games. It's like they change the rules in midstream. For this. They're gonna go ahead and put them in the playoffs, even though they've only played Four games. Yeah, well, the big thing removing that minimum it needed to happen. It should have happened before the season. It's the one smart thing. The conference is done here through all of this. Because you just can't. You couldn't. You couldn't penalize the team a lot of times for things that were out of their control. So, yeah, they're going to try to get the get Ohio State. And I just don't know if it matters all that much for the committee because there were going to treat Ohio State the same way I think, regardless. Four games. You're good with us. Yeah, depends on the other things that are in the mix about that. All right? Sounds good, and we'll talk more about that next week. All right. Barrett Sallee, CBS Sports. Thanks, buddy. Appreciate you grab everything in your laundry basket and take it to zip strike cleaners Right now they have a super hot flash sale going on the regular really low laundry by sips price of a dollar. 49 is now only 99 cents. Trust, zips to wash and fold everything in your laundry basket for just 99.

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