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It's on espn two let's get to john beland yeah through the pistons let's talk about it does this actually have a chance do you think this actually has a chance of happening i think it really has a chance because detroit i mean they're they're trying to figure out and they've interviewed all these different people my question to you and i think the shocking development of the whole piston situation obviously svg's out and they got a whole new regime coming in but if there was going to be a time if you had told like you were saying the four year rule of four years ago like the same with o'brien if you'd said four years ago the detroit pistons are looking for a head coach they're trying to go someone in college to mold some young guys and sort of build from within in michigan every single person in the world would say tom is the guy right i mean that this'll be the time for is to make that jump you know the fact that he was in talks to you know after blackout fire to be the coach of cleveland just shows the respect he had at one point to make the jump to the nba so i i'm really shocked that the pistons like i think bill beeline is become the guy in michigan now like he is the premier college basketball coach at the moment for whatever reason after what he did with his final four run in the past couple of years and it seems like izzo is a little bit tainted at the moment so i'm just shocked that is not the name that's out there if they want to go to a college coach i'm surprised as beeline beeline obviously has a great resume we saw him in person here in los angeles i think he's a good coach i can't really see him making the jump to the pistons to deal with you know blake griffin andre job that's not really a team i'm guessing they're going to cut ties with a bunch of those guys and make some trades to go young but just just to walk into the.

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