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Going through. Something what's going on? Do you WanNa talk speaking. Your mom did text me okay, Chris doesn't know this. I'm told them. This is literally happening right now. She texted me and she was like She wasn't even concerned about the nose ring she wants you to get a haircut. She's very ex-. You'd tell me. She said you have to play mom now in calls needs a haircut and I was like, all right and then she sent me a photo of you. I. Guess It was a long period of time where you didn't cut your hair. Yeah and I was like, fuck we can't let that happen it like an Afro for the white man it was beautiful but it disturbing. It reminded me of this photo of me from Prom that I showed you. My here's below my eyes. It's so cousin it. It's completely insane. And Mine is worse. So I can't even I couldn't even tell your mom your poor mother like, Oh, you've seen nothing like here's a photo of Meat Prom. Anyway get a haircut, your mother, your mother demands put a whole. If the people want me to cut cut the luscious locks. Now we come the luscious little conversation about. The most influential in well known male nose rings throughout history my predecessors. Would like to talk about some of the men who came before you blazed the trail so that you could sport the fake Diamond Stud. Absolutely. I'd just like to thank some of my role models that have rocked the stud before I have such as Dennis Rodman of course, the segment is named. Of course, you've gone full Dennis Rodman, Wiz Khalifa, camp, forget Wiz, Khalifa I always forget about Whiz. D to puncture core. With the nose ring POC is a big one for you. Nose Ring Guys. That's a big one to have in your corner huge having the you can immediately point to get something nosing in the you just point to to park and people like, okay. Another thing about the nose ring. I think if you're a man a straight man, a man baby straight astray. Baby. Australian forbid. I gotTA snapchat. That's the guy who got a boss, his head Australian for be anyways. If you're straight man and you get a nose piercing, you're showing complete control of your own masculinity in a very in Tunis with your feminine side as well. I. Think it's a statement. It shows that I can be in control of all aspects of my emotion and my personal inner masculinity and femininity who the fuck season nose ring and goes. This guy has fully balanced his life me that's what I'm looking for I don't really I don't remember out. Like I don't have like an a personality trait I attached to nose ring or tattoos maybe I'm just inventing all this myself but I'm gonNA to believe in it till the day I die. So that's why the that's where the nose rings comes from. Also Lenny Kravitz has a nose ring. So an slash legendary guns and roses guitarist and Travis Barker True Anti, Justin Bieber, you've got two guys who You WanNa be in a camp with and you don't want to be in camp within its. In its Zane Malik. Ideally category and you don't want to be in camp with bibs and Malik. I'M NOT GONNA lie I. Actually respect. Zan's like creative outlook on life also isn't he not familiar to G G? Hadid and they're about to have a child together because I wanna say that's a yes. Yeah, that's a win. Yes. So that's a huge win. So I'm GonNa go with the Zane camp also actually just. Browse he's married to Haley Baldwin. WHO's one of the most gorgeous people of all time. So I'M GONNA be I'll take all the people that I. The Great. Danes. Jiji's that's a big DUB. came. By the way I love that. One of those grandma names I'm following massive footsteps that need to be filled and I promise to follow up the greatness that is predated. Me No all the president. Did me sure I will follow up that greatness precedent did and fulfil those. Shoes that need to be filled. Yeah. You have gigantic clown shoes to fill. I'm not worried. I'm assuming most of the. Hamilton. Lewis Hamilton one of the greatest Formula One drivers of all time by far the greatest f one driver of our generation. I'm just googling famous news rings. That's actually how I found. Most of these people I'll be honest no shit. Famous male knows Ram so many. So many Babes with hot nose rings. I think Riyan `as diamond studded more whatever bull. The whatever that's Septum is is next level. She may be the hottest nose ring person that's ever pulled it off Septum piercing I missed man where's rear yet she's busy making lingerie for everybody to big girls, small girls, and everything in between. On. What's it called I don't know really now T. Make something like that isn't Finci. Beauty. No one make them Holler at US Riana. If you're trying to do also want to read, you want to read of your laundry line. Holler at me Ross at Ross Bohlin podcast also wear the lingerie if we get to read five, put it on. No jokes. On the show, he'll definitely wear interview. Kohl's thinks his nose rings shows that he's comfortable with his masculinity. I will wear long women's lingerie on this show on his lingerie company sponsors the pod. Speaking which are vp three fifteen is also brought to you by bespoke post as we all settle into this new version of summer bespoke post is here with customized box awesome collections for guys guaranteed to upgrade your life right now, some of my favorite boxes are the weekend. It's an incredible weekender bag.

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