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A series we haven't seen that much in the playoffs yet you know james has been great cruise been bad or soso chris's been great james has been bad or so so they're going to need to combine greatness but this goes beyond him heir gordon is not been air gorgeous eighteen points in the regular season thirteen in the posies trevor reza from twelve points in the regular season or eleven to eight you know and not shooting well either one of them those guys are gonna have to step up if they're gonna have a chance to be golden state i think this this series goes down to the team mr hungary's pay attention to houston because their legacies are online right now james and c p they're playing for something more than just a normal playoff series they're playing for how you define their career when they're done this is their opportunity i think i like their relationship with each other because i think they'd get along even though the adversity it comes to in the course of the season and guys tend to bicker and fray a little bit they're competitive and they're playing for for how you view them when when when there's all said and done i think they won a championship well giving boston a chance to beat lebron because brad stevens i mean if you put nate mcmillan there if you put terry stott in we would like lebron to win the series a big part of that component is brad stevens will steal games listen when i say mike dan tony what's the first thing you think about so could deploy okay so i get the better team and the better coach and the four stars and championship experience i don't think it's that competitive is gonna make any adjustments i mean you know any major adjustments throughout he said utah we said that mike dantonio doesn't have any adjustments in england utah won two games like they showed you that they can turn it up defensively and make defensive adjustments with the staff that he's put together now i don't think he has the same staff in phoenix i think his staff has gotten better and he's he's able to do different things than he did before i'd like dante's point about chris paul and james harden's legacies being on the line draymond green steph curry.

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