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At 15 and 45 powered by Red River, technology decisions aren't black and white. Think red. 1115, rob woodfork, the wizards without two starters in the lineup had their lowest scoring output of the season in a one O two 82 loss in Chicago to stay winless out of the all star break. So that momentum built off the win in Minnesota is all gone to long right. I think so happy because we were up 19 against the mix and we kind of swept them going around to hold the gap and today we were writing the game and becomes lettuce the boy at the end, but I feel like we were good. We just have to finish quarters, halves better and they will be good. Unlike the wizards, Maryland was really good from three point range in a 75 59 victory over number 21 northwestern, making a season best 14 at a 63% clip to Kappa season in which the terps won all their conference home games for the first time since they were inaugural season in the Big Ten Kevin Willard. Go ten and zero in this conference at home is that's pretty impressive for this group. And I just think it shows you how great of a program this is, how great of a fan base it is. I think the fan base really got behind this group. I think they appreciate how hard they worked. How hard they play and the students have really turned out. Senior day in college park certainly more fun than the one at Georgetown where they were routed by Providence a set of program record with their 12 home loss of the season. The capital's open their four game road trip with a 7 four loss in Buffalo that gave those sabers the two points they needed to pull into control of the last wild card playoff birth, Darcy Kemper playing in consecutive days for the first time as a capital was pulled in the second period after giving up 5 goals on 19 shots. Rob woodwork WTO sports. Thank you, Robert, the 1117 some car crashes involve icy conditions. But rarely like this, a car crashed into an ice rink in Montgomery county this afternoon. It happened at the normally crowded Rockville town center off Maryland avenue in downtown Rockville, police say there were people on the ice when a car veered off the road and damaged the perimeter of the rink. Thankfully, no one skating was injured. The driver and the passenger were taken to an area hospital, but they are expected to be okay. Coming up after traffic and weather top stories were following for you this hour, Ukraine's president fires the leader of his country's troops in the embattled donbas region, but he doesn't say

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