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One hundred bits man appreciate that really do thank you so much Lomax in Texas right now got from Chicago friends with guys actually pretty amazing but you meant you with mortal combat. That's the biggest thing that's the biggest joke with that. Is that you know you killing. These people are not you. I'm sorry you'd like you're doing all these grow. <hes> grotesque injuries man on these people there's blood flying everywhere and these people don't die. I think that that'd be a part of it like these people. I'll trae bed. Thank you Matthew Subscribing trae bear. <hes> probably our biggest fool as this little bitch may punk. He's been in prettiest. I that's the joke about that man. You can enter these people these real gruesome ways and they still live. I WanNa see an explanation for that in the movie. I WANNA see how they handle that. I want that to be in the move. I want these people. Just be just blood on everywhere win. I want them to still be alive. What the fuck man? They'll say. It's like magic yeah. I think that's that's an easy explanation. It got you establish do some world building but don't over explain it because it's like well. That's dumb. Yes it keeps we live longer here. We're able to we're impervious assert injuries and then like if you want like out the movie and the take it back to Earth moves like all my God is the shame soon soon or a shout all my amazing did something like that I want. I wanted to be done and people just you know when it's finished people just slowly putting themselves back together and finally after people like I'm GonNa stop this back inside being hit you sleep. That'll be funny to self like contestants that finished in just waiting to go to the next round. They're all sitting on a bench and one dude is trying to put his intestines says back in another guy's jaws hanging loose another guy brains spilling out and he just law looking at each other like you look like Shit will look at you again have a sense of humor with it. They need their yeah exactly exactly Oh my God mortgage yeah. He subscribed. Thank you sir. Thank you this law who has bitch Maye pump. We did have another question. We're related and asked us if we have seen a crawl yet. I've seen it today because I just been reading a lot of fantastic reviews from the movie speaking of you'll debt that produced by Sam Rainy for those who don't know crawl as creature creature feature where it takes place in New Orleans during a hurricane this business woman is going to check on her to leave the area. She finds her clients him in the crawlspace of his home but he's like surrounded by alligators. Is them trying to escape. Apparently people were really joint except her category. Five hurricane warning all residents evacuated immediately families it loved ones and get out and we will be able to come mm-hmm humans but then gators get almost like probably the gate is we're looking at the news here and like humans are GonNa be there. Fuck <music> Jesus what happened to his leg. I'm going to go see that today..

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