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All right welcome to the fight with teddy atlas presented by dynamic striking. I'm ken reid joined as always by boxing. Legend teddy atlas teddy. How you doing good. Ken how you you do ahead cut come on baba sleeping on the job. He's in la. We've got to get him to make a road trip. Come on full my leah jet and get them over there. I know the struggle israel. Well yeah i mean those has must be lined up they. They must be synchronized. See i don't even know who this is. This is is ken right out. You know yeah. It's a sad day over here. Teddy all the kids are in school first. Time in a year and a half. They're all officially gone even little one. Try not to contain your sadness. I try to try to contain. Try try try to control it will you. Because it saw it almost looks bubbly. I've never seen. I've never seen that this that is confused with jubilation so thanks. It's mixed emotions. I'm super happy to have a quiet house and not have to keep yelling at them to quiet down while record. But i'm also sad that they're not here anymore. See seats over time. Time moves on they move onto another chapter another chapter night Great journey of lightly out learning learning learning learning learning. You always have to keep learning always have to keep up you. Just hope to teach good in. Oh i know that is at home a good you know. Thank god. that's that's where it starts and people should always remember that that's where it's thoughts but obviously and i don't. They don't need me to tell him that people do that but sometimes maybe they forget a little bit and they they put it all on teachers but no the main teachers two main causes are taught at home and then of course the teachers take it from there. Yeah that's the truth. Well teddy big busy weekend of feis. No real big marquee fight so to speak but we do have a candidate for fight of the year casa mero riggan dow as the adage goals. Right that's the added for that one right that's the old adage was thinking that was as bad as he get. I mean if i could say one good thing it was rigged dow. He moves so well to get away. But where with counter-punches he would move away and then move away again. I was like i just can. He counted with the left hand. he he. he caught casimiro with some left hands. He did counter ran too much. And i don't like to use that word but he did. I mean it's one thing to move into box you know. And to navigate your way into to cleverly maneuver around the ring to usually legs that way. That's one thing but it's another thing just jump on a bike and say see a. Later and for a lot of parts he was doing that. That's not the old reagan. The hour we get the al even when he was young. I did a lot of his fight. First of all. I know regan the hour well because i knew him as an eighteen year old when he was first gold medal In in the olympics in sydney i called four olympics for nbc so the sydney two thousand was my first. And that's when he made the scene That's when rigging the hours. I was eighteen years old. He won a gold medal and he was the best have drivers saw. And that's quite a statement gun. Because i've seen a lot of real damn good averages including lohman chaco. I covered his two gold medal olympics. Too and he was great he was great but i think this guy was the best i ever seen. He wasted nothing. Even as an amateur allergy. Use opposed to waste punches. I mean they just use supposed to throw punches and he didn't waste he's still at that temperament as a counterpunch as a body puncher as a great defensive fighter you know as being controlled being patient and he made it work in the average sight easy to do and he was a tremendous punch so Especially with that left hand so and then he won the next olympics. He won a gold medal in athens in two thousand four. That was my second olympics So i he. Lego said he was the best average i ever seen and when he turned pro he was on. Espn friday night fights to winnow the fights when i was calling all the fights then and he was he was in. I don't know how many of his early fights but a good amount of them on our air. So i was very familiar with him and he was never exciting. He was always effective and efficient. Never but he was tremendous he was as good a pure body puncher and pure counterpuncher and great defensive fighter in that package and that combination you ever going to see and with power he really was like i said he wasted nothing and he was just pure efficiency you know he was like a green energy and he he was never exciting but if you are an affection out of sport you enjoy them. You're kinda like if you go to the to the baseball stadium and you enjoy really good pitching if you if you like the whole months then. Obviously you're going to get bored and if you like home months with rigging obviously you're going to you know you're in the wrong place. You bought a ticket to the volume fight but if you appreciate the finesse. Sport the sophistication of sport. The sweet science of sport the intricacies of the sport you appreciated hem when he was when he was younger You know he's forty years old now but you appreciate him that he was able to do those things at the level that he did it just like you appreciated pitch that get hit. The corners change speeds..

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