Ashford, Ukraine, President Trump discussed on WBZ Midday News


Secretary of state Pompeii to produce Ukraine related documents and quickly and the administration's special envoy for Ukraine Kurt Volker resigns after being named in that whistle blower complaint released on Thursday Christina Rufina covers the state department for CBS news he's on this list along with the former US ambassador to Ukraine and a bunch of other characters who who might have some sort of first hand knowledge of what exactly was going on in this odd triangle between Rudy Giuliani possibly the president and the present of Ukraine of let me as Lynskey and his aides from the Washington post reports that in that now famous oval office meeting with Russian officials back in may of twenty seventeen president trump said he was not concerned about Russian interference in the U. S. selection in twenty sixteen because Washington interfered in other countries elections Larry Sabato at the university of Virginia always known the Russians were interfering he was just delighted about it and that's really why he said what he said to the Russians in the White House he's grateful to them they clearly helped him and they're one of the reasons why he's president and Hillary Clinton isn't Tom forty CBS news Washington it is ten thirty seven a dream Ashford is an African American woman who lived a nightmare Ashford was the victim of a white woman's racist tirade outside of pharmacy in greater Los Angeles KCBS TV is lord Peres says the confrontation was caught on camera Ashford says she was waiting for prescription and had no interaction with the woman at all until she heard her yelling and sorry getting closer she says she begged CVS workers to call police when they didn't another customer called nine one one as the attack on Ashford continued a part of me was like this is a real. we're in twenty nineteen. Gloria I we Sirius. Ashford.

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