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On iheartradio subscribe like insurance here this three glaciers. Congratulations netflix's here. We go yo congratulatory calling it part three most awkward role so it's technically season two and it's the second half of season two. Yes it's like okay. So season one. We'll just see the one but now we're in the new season and then they broke it up into two parts to season to season to chapter two. Yeah it's very confusing. Because some people are saying congratulations on season. Three and i'm like what's not technically season three. But i'm not gonna argue you because it sounds cool. Does it successful. You know what i'm saying. She's in three thousand central. Congratulations now fluffy you've hit many stages sold out stadiums fluff you've done so much traveled the world. You know a few times and having now a sitcom that's got to be a dream come true as a comedian as a latino pretty awesome plus the fact that my name is actually on the show. So that's at the end of the care and the fact that might name and so it's it's so it's not. It's not like we have to ask. I wonder you know. What am i going to see on the show. I know right. I wonder who's doing it. What's up y'all fluffy is one of your comments. Veyron the food community right. You're speaking on. You know not waiting for the opportunity as latino to break to gopher. Can you elaborate on that message. A little bit more. Because they know comments only do so much right. Can you just preach a little bit more on. Fluffy says what he said. It's a good thing. I didn't wait. Yeah yeah well. Here's the thing is that as entertainers as especially as sometimes we. We like to voice. Our opinions about hollywood has not given more opportunities. And it's just one of those things where i think so much. Energy is being spent on complaining about why it that's the case as opposed to using that energy. And just pulling a tyler perry and creating your own you know. We're in a time. Now where social media is free. Youtube is free. If you a phone you can create your own content. And why wait for for hollywood to do it because you know hollywood and say let's just give this guy a show. The only reason they gave me a show was because i built the following that i did it through social media through a platform by doing my own thing i had to leave california and go on the road and perform it become an established comic on the road before i was accepted at the clubs in california before i could play at the laugh factory at the comedy. Store at the improv. I had to go kill it at the chuckle hut somewhere. North dakota added go. Do the funny bone had all these little holes in the wall and then come back home to finally be established and recognized so again. It's like we can continue to complain. They're not giving us these arts. Not giving us these roles or you can go and create your own and then create your own opportunities to help others extreme true. You can't wait to get put on a how now wait you can put on man. That's that's a big mistake and misconception. Like yeah gotta put me on. We get that all the time. Plenty on the radio. Put me on the radio. You gotta put yourself on the radio. You gotta put yourself in there and and it's a better story once you do it on your own our apple and then of course you will get pushback where people say. Oh help me out you know. No one helped you help me out. Well you know. That's part of part of it is is the struggle part of it is if you don't know what it's like the struggle. What good is it. The handsome won the title. If you don't know what it's like to fight for it thank you and you've got to have some fighting you and i think too many times things just get handed over so easily and it's just you you don't fight to keep it you don't fight to appreciate it in. There needs to be a sense of struggle for you to really appreciate and grow and just be better. We got to put that clip out have underground after one right. There man fluffy's on with us. Mr glaciers on netflix men. Congratulations here we go. The crew was back great. Cast south alford roll blasts. Who who makes the pants was fred. Alford on this show people another guy who's making a guest appearance on this season of mystery lists. Yes is a big big superstar in the spanish speaking world. Quousque mia man. You want to talk about a mover and shaker. The the fact that he's on the show knows it's an honor to have him on the show. Thank me i think we played like having. No no. no. No no thank you for being your seriously thanks for let me thank you for the parking go. Don't no thank you for parking here driving back and forth. We're played tennis also this season. It looks like mr garcia lovelock's takes off. What can we expect. Expect exactly what. You're expecting matters like james with virgin as to to make sure that my kids had opportunities on the show that they had you know that they had somebody believing in them and and it was that whole thing were mystery. Lists was sacrificing a lot of his own. You know life and so yeah. It's it's kind of one of those things where he finds a little happiness and i won't let you know how much happens. You gotta finish yourself. Yes sir now fluffy. What's the most rewarding part of this. Show you when you go home and you lay your head down at night. what are you what. what are you most proud of. As far as this show goes mr iglesias on it. Let's the thing is is that you been a comic. I've never looked at myself as an actor. That's why i don't say oh actor-comedian no no no no median. Who just happens to do acting. And like i still don't see myself as an actor. It's just cool. The fact that i was able to to to do something like this and and have it be you know. The show is very diverse. It's it's a nice group of people and we did that without telling us you have to do something that's diverse that shows you know People from all walks of life in it. We did that before. People started cracking down. And saying oh how come you're not representing this or doing that. And so i love the fact that we were ahead of getting Yelled at or being being told how we needed to be. The show was just a show where i says i want anybody who watches it to be able to see themselves. That's exactly the audience sees themselves in the shell. This is why is very successful. Mr iglesias on netflix fluffy during and major. You know you guys tackle a lot of important issues on the show as well but in a way that is done in a lot of homes as well so with parents and older siblings and were able to convey a lot of real positive messages and messages that are sometimes a little bit difficult but the fact that it's a comedy show we're able to do with the light hearted so i never want people to feel like they're being preached to or being told. This is how it has to be. It's here's some positive messages if you like them cool if you don't like them. I hope you had a good laugh. I said exactly right here. The number one goal of course is is entertainment. That's what people tune in. They want to be entertained. And if you can spread a positive message while you're doing it even better unity through laughter. Fluffy that is the that's the motto. You fail me fluffy guys. I still catch heat every now. And then because know during my regular standup shows. I try not to get political. I turned out to be divisive but this show does touch on certain topics that can be viewed as divisive and. that's where it gets a little tricky for me. Because i try to make sure that it's not my character that says certain things so that i don't catch heat for it. Robert at the end of the day is show has my name on it. So i'm still the one that catches the heat wasn't right right right. Yeah because you. You're the face you're the name so anybody messes up. It's right back to is what i try to tell. Let you all the time. Listen when you screw up ice grew up exactly exactly. He doesn't believe it though. Luckily for you. I don't really only not anymore. Good disclaimer on my instagram. At the end of the day and all matters who's cars getting keyed in the parking lot. That's it.

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