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You bottled for like eight minutes. All the way down to the ocean it was so we were really lucky. Wants so what they do. After the turtle sometimes the nest hatch right in the turtles go back into the water and so what they do is they come in the count. The eggs that were in there. 'cause they keep track of everything but they found an unhatched. She said something's moving and it actually literally hatched in front of and we made a video on it. I'll put a link in the show notes and we named that turtle. Are you in some other kids did. If you remember the name. Sorry shelley something. Shelly may no i. No she had a name shall we may is the anyway. It's our video. I can't remember that. But i can't actually. Yeah but we'll find out but that was the one time we saw live turtle little little baby and it took it a long time to get to the water night walk night vision goggles and that is really cool it to go. It's like it's so dark but let me to. I don't know if you've used night vision goggles before. Life changing so cool you see like the little turtles at night. They do so much. Oh not the little turtles. The moms laying their eggs. Thank you see. See little turtles inside the egg. You don't see you can't see inside the but here's what it is. I will remind you so have x ray vision just reminded me of a couple of good points along this conservation area points disney is very good and and somewhat strict about turtles will go to light so what happens when those babies in other parts of the coast they go. The lights tend to be on the highway or the other side so sometimes the turtles will go the wrong way get crushed cars to really sad so they have a very good policy and reminders. Closing have heavy duty curtains for a night closure curtains if you have a room facing the beach because they don't want any light so the beach is pitch-black black. They really don't want you on the beach at night for that reason because of the turtles unless you're doing like a tour for the most part people obey then the beach for the sake of the turtles but they do have the turtle walk. And that's what amelia's talking about and it was amazing. We got those marines like true high quality night vision goggles that you put on and the want night vision. They use red flashlights. Because of the turtles can't really see those and you go out and first of all you're sorta staying in a room and the community hall and they're someone on the beach and then they'll give you alerts activity. We have some activity in sector seven. And then they'll say okay. Let's go night vision. Goggles on you..

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