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Now, we'd we'd had fifty cups before. But this was you know. Now, I mean who is using the chamber rain took it to another level and. Audie sorted. Give him a good pice team. In the previous who is usually hitting each other. An hitting each other. Very rarely Kaethe. But you know, just punch in some about what? This verbal. Before around for miles here with fish, those thrown kicking in any wonder we had a few. But was it musical usually musical about. Why you know, I can't I can't remember specific thing. Is when you're that. Right. You never fight with your friends. I was never a fist guy. No, no. Verbal. Punches on the nose into verb. You woulda hit me on a clever. So exactly okay. Come here. Yes. That's right. But also very diplomatic, right? When it got when it got. Yeah. You gotta be diplomatic when it got ugly. They we do another. Maybe maybe we can meet in the middle on this. What's that's when I manage not to get hit? We'll see if we make it through this. So so what happens you got kicked out of the band, and that was kicks out in the band. Always fun about that. Well, all star disband. I'll show another one, you know. Hello was twenty twenty one years. Plenty of starting out of on noontime by now seeing records on Bill. Yeah. Although also, another one I was gonna do soul band, but they went out, and I did a few shows without me, which I gotta didn't go down. Very well. Right. I go off apparently and the management three four weeks later. Soulmate? I should. Like, I said to the band. The band. Look you go to him back because it's not working. And then I came say me, I said you go back. It's not working. They front me out. I said well have you back as long as you promise not to fight anymore. I said, okay. I'll say don't all do that. I'll say but all co back if I promise not to tight drugs before they got on the stage anymore. Yeah. I'll say I don't care what I do off was not business. But I can't be with the band who've got potentially so much talent who old out the window pumping stuff down if routes and they agreed. Agreed. We didn't have another fight them for years. Yeah. Down on the drugs today credit. I. What did after I don't know? What they did. I don't care. You know what? Don't blue Pete certainly didn't do any drugs all life route. I mean, really nothing. Only after died. I think that was just. I think that was just a loss and the grief and everything else when he started drinking what he started drinking. It was really really super clean. So what about that? Like the whole because I mean, Keith moon is sort of like known for establishing the hotel room behavior. Yeah. Very good. At that that he's one of the originators model. He just kept the show going. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Because I talked to Joe Walsh recently. Yes. Quite good. At it. I think he was one of his case apprentices. Was in destruction. So so then you entered the period where you did what Tommy and who's next and and. Tell me was the big big one that broke, you know, stool that was it. Back at industry. So we've kind really well known. Yeah. It's just a perfect time. And that you know, the genius told me love that kind from kit Lambert who always follows. Composer? Yeah. In England founded the Sadler's Wells ballet company, he always felt three minute pop song could be much much more. You say we should do don't pro because he was into Oprah into that. Right. Father did. He said you can be pro we should do don't pro..

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