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How Do We Fix It?


That if you have people who. Find it too expensive to go to the doctor and have no a links to the health care system. Then that's a real problem in a pandemic right. But I'm saying the term public health care doesn't mean pain for people to go to the doctor. It means having organizations like the CDC that are monitoring broad public health issues might include affordability, but it also means he talked about resilience in means being prepared for future problems. I WANNA push back on one of Adrian's points, and that is he suggested that during a crisis like a pandemic, we should accept a temporary rollback of privacy. I would strongly. Guard against that you remember after nine eleven. You know a a a bipartisan Group of Republicans and Democrats passed the Patriot Act and it. We accepted some significant erosions of our rights. We've now seen those programs be. abused again and again I worry that anytime you give the government more power over your private life there's a ratchet effect it can always ratchet it up. It's very hard to ratchet it down. I'm on the fence on this but I do agree with him on the on the need to put in new whether they're regulations or rules about. Capitalism. One final pushback from me he said I think maybe we should be. Bore like the Japanese of bowing and socially distant and perhaps quieter as people no I don't think. So the thing I love about living in America and I lived overseas for twenty years is just how boisterous so many people are like the chaos I like the fact that people aren't always that polite or and certainly not bowing and. Overly respectful of others. This, how do we fix it? I've Richard Davies. And I'm Jim megs and our producer is brandon shaffer. Thank you..

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