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I believe Tom Weiskopf, who's not doing well at all. He's battling. I don't wanna miss steak this, but I think he's critically ill with pancreatic cancer boys. My understanding, But yeah, so since in your prayers his way But it looks bad and anyway. Yeah. Peter and Gary, if you wonder whatever happened to Gary McCord. On By the way, I'm among those who think he knew he was gonna run into trouble. With Augusta in 1994. I think he was He was baiting him. I think he was. I do believe that you don't say two things on the same hole like he did especially The first one was you don't hit down there. There are body bags down there. Yeah, Some people took offensive that really Yeah. And then the worst one. Of course they don't. We could get away with this. I know they don't cut these greens. They applied Bikini west. Yeah, he was gone. He was going. Yeah, I think it was now. Who was it? That said, was it? Jack Whitaker? That's called the Crown Mama. Yes, he was gone. Yeah. It's interesting burn because those terms over to Gus to their certain terms they want to use and I hear now that you spend your time when you're there in the content center. Yes, Call it. Yes, it is no longer a compound. It is a content center. So decreed by Fred Ridley, chairman of board of chairman of Augusta Nash. And by the way, Ah wonderful guy himself. He is so he's a terrific man. And But he came up in his opening press conference, referring to the new digs as the Gulf content Center, and it is on booby believable. Uh, it's lavish. Yeah, well. Things always change it. Augusta National and Really, they changed for the better. All right. We need to take a break. Ben Clements just for you. I think we're gonna leave you with the words of Jim McKay as we get ready for the Preakness. Go to break the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat. Jim McKay one That was a Gemini, Okay? Yeah, that's Tim again. OK, brilliant. Really words. Yeah, Back on the 15th from the defense Cabaret and from the studios of K O. B. J. After these messages. Geoffrey C. To celebrate State farm. Surprisingly great rates we gave this song surprisingly. Like a good neighbor State farm is there. If you were a little skeptical about CBD products. Well, that's good, because I was too now most CBD products. They're not well tested in any of the benefits take forever to show up, But things are different with caliper CBD..

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