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Get a high maintenance volatile diva with a flair for turning everything around him into one necessary drama who also damages the team with his me first solo ads and then makes no apologies are promises that he won't do it again one hundred million dollars for that really the owners of the giants have not commented on beckham's embarrassing behavior on sunday cannot be happy with his latest act of immaturity it has to be humiliating for the organization that prides itself on being so classy they have to answer questions why its best player is making believe davies urinating on the field in philadelphia well take the elements to this story what are you have the super duper player maybe the best offensive wide receiver at the moment in the nfl genuinely a game changer but the theme on which he places all when three his contract is coming up and you don't want to lose the guy after all winning games is what you on and then in drawing people loop pay money to sit there watched the game watch it on tv whatever you need stars nobody denies that but they got a guy that as repeatedly exhibited behaviour way below the number of years of his age and it's gonna cost one hundred million dollars with fifty million dollars of a guaranteed at once he's got the money there's no stopping him whatever he does you've got to live with this is not unique to the new york giants fox this has been part and parcel of professional sports the people that are able to do it are so few and so rare that it's been tolerated you know the bad boys that have played all these different sports in you know they're tolerated their tolerated wave beyond the level they would be in any other line of work backed beckham jr is going to get his money from the giants but look at nowhere else in america arkady you get money like this and do things like that nowhere else and this is the kind of an now you're gonna it's not going to stand for the flag and you're going to do whatever that is going to participate and drive some fans away from the game this is what she meant when she said the.

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