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Not just the sunset. It's a sunset over the Pacific. It's not just another afternoon show KNX afternoon with reporters live on the scene of breaking stories traffic every ten minutes on the this afternoon. A tube KNX ten seventy NewsRadio twelve fifty one on KNX time. Now. Volcano expert ball Inside Report with Rams hall of Famer Jackie Slater. Here's KNX ten seventy two Calton Randy croon and Vicky more Jackie. Let me ask you this your son Matthew new plays with the patriots set in Atlanta that you did not want him to play football. Are you willing to admit the fact that he's back in the Super Bowl once again that he was right? And you were wrong. No, you come over you come up with the greatest questions. I I just can't believe you asking you. But but the reality of it all these, you know, I guess he was right? I might initially were based on the fact that I didn't think he's gonna be big enough. I didn't I didn't see him. You know, being a football player Friday everything else. But I. Football. So Matthew went on and talked with reporters this week. And of course, he is for those who don't know the patriots special team, captain he's appeared in now what five Super Bowls in eleven seasons you at one Super Bowl in twenty seasons. Matthew said that he doesn't think he'll ever play as many years as you did. But he also said this on how you're looking at the Super Bowl disparity between him and you. I think parliament.

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