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Republican Senate leader Mitch McConnell is blasting her saying that she Embraces the conspiracy theories and loony lies and is a cancer for the Republican Party. 35 degrees in Atlanta. Windy and cold Tonight lows near 29, partly to mostly sunny, windy and cold Tomorrow heist 44 Atlanta's most accurate in dependable forecast is coming up President Joe Biden and a group of 10 Senate Republicans are offering competing proposals to help the U. S respond to the Corona virus pandemic. Senator Susan Collins of Maine. It was very good exchange of views. I wouldn't say that we came together on a package tonight. No one expected that in a two hour meeting, but what we did agree to do is to follow up and tuck further. The top local news every 30 minutes, and when it breaks 95.5 WSB depend on it to Atlanta. Police officers fired after being captured on video using a stun gun, and the forcible arrests of two college students last summer have just gotten their jobs back, Attorney Lance Lynn Rousseau tells me. Atlanta Police investigators Mark Gardner and Ivory Streeter feel vindicated after the Civil Service board agreed their due process was violated when they were fired without an investigation on whether they used excessive force, arresting two college students because Awful force will never look good on a video instead of saying it looks bad, so we need to do something. There should have been a presumption that these were highly trained officers and maybe what they did was appropriate. Criminal charges are still.

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