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Love you said not too long ago when you said and I quote you've got to take a lease off the dog what's scarier a dog with the least walking with a person or a dog with nobody around him in cold how much of that describes exactly what you in the Miami Heat all about right now describing the closer the learners who let us let let up for a free and is working for you so you are one of those coaches learner is not it is an ongoing actions in the steam engine learn how to take care of yourself and that's the only learned of talentless I am out of my own the Miami Heat getting victory over Philly on Wednesday might be going to twenty and eight on the season with dad when he get the win in one of the better matchups of the night the other one in Dallas Celtics the Mavericks in the fourth quarter Campbell Walker zero it is a little after midnight in the east the Mavericks finally tornado after keeping this thing alive was a desperation shots late but the Celtics more impressive victory on the road snapping their two game losing streak I'm a Walker with thirty two points for three game where he's had at least five three pointers in the Celtics when it by six in Dallas over the Mavericks match play in their second game without looking dont judge this season Christoph forcing his twenty three points thirteen rebounds in the loss for the Celtics Jaylen brown Jayson Tatum Kemba Walker combined for eighty two points there most of the game as teammates Celtics right now second Eastern Conference although there for a half game behind the box ESPN analyst Tim Legler with our Scott van pelt with the record says it you said it's a.

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