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She She retained her title a bunch of times this year. She defeated Momo at the Stardom asaka dream. Cinderella vent in december Regained against be presely. she's had just a fantastic year. She's absolutely fantastic. So that's why we we. We settled for one in to wanna say hello to everything pro wrestling by the way. Conrad nice to see you. Thank you sir. Welcome to the chattan da. Goro file saudi arabia. There good to see you. Sir welcomes well in at number three. Deanna current knockouts champion. Elena s. champion. I say that right. I don't even think i said it right days. Rain rain us today as kings. I got my royalties confused. It's arena darius lorraina arenas why am i saying. That's not that's not it warren. So she's a dual titleholders she She defeated soo young To on november fourteen to ric lane the knockouts title She she Defeated fabio paci in the title. I title match at triple mania. This year she beat the five-time wwe women's champion melina to retain her knockouts title at the end power earlier this year in august jeevan beat pen african world champion and favorite of the mr warren initial tricia dora in a non title match the global syndicate wrestling's inception event on february in february earlier this year. So there's deanna is a. She's a wrestler's wrestler and she's fantastic. She's had nothing buddy fantastic. I'm really excited to share the interview. That i did with her couple of days ago over the weekend. We're you'll probably get to see it on saturday. Actually but i'm really really excited because You know we talk about how we talk about. How things have been going for her since she left a her former employer and decided to on herself. it's just absolutely fantastic. It kind of makes you wonder if she had stayed. What would she be doing. You know look at look at the state of inex- t two point zero right now and try to imagine indiana paraiso in that situation or you know are on main roster right. Look at what they're doing with tony storm right now. They've called up dakota guy and we still haven't seen her. It boggles my mind. She.

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