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Bodywork modalities, but we'll talk about your most important nutrient other than air, and that is water and why it's an important point to stay hydrated because it's a sort of extra challenge for seniors, because, unfortunately, as we get older, our bodies the signal for thirst is not what it used to be in our youth. And we, you know, it just doesn't you lose? I don't know if you know this. We mentioned on the show before that it lose about half your taste buds. By the time you're a senior citizen versus when you were ah, in your youth or as a as a child. So that's why people have to solve their food or food doesn't taste like it once did, But staying with thirst here up your thirst mechanism of your signal for Thursday's somewhat diminished, so it's very important to especially with the hot weather that we're all experiencing. And climate change is going to make it just hotter and hotter each season, possibly And we'll talk about things besides water to use for hydration such as lemons. In fact, Linda has some interesting information on lemons and how they can help not only hydrate but also Improve your health. And we'll talk, of course, about massage specifically for seniors as well as falls and diseases and have an interesting article on energy fields. So that's all coming up with our guest in just a few minutes after some features and some news you can use one is I. B s sufferers still get better when they know it's a placebo. No irritable bowel syndrome affects millions of people. And this was a study of people with I. B s who reported major clinical improvements after knowingly taking a placebo sugar pill basically suffers, who were also given placebo pills and were told they had no active ingredient. Had strong or very strong clinical reactions and there, you know, and as just as an aside here we know that I remember reporting some years ago that I believe it was 31% of all drugs have a placebo effect. So even though they're active pharmaceutical Substances and compounds. Uh, you know, and about a third of all patients, they don't work, but they think they work and so that you know, the bottom line is results, right? Anyway. The sufferers who were given placebo pills and were told they had no active ingredient had strong or very strong clinical reactions as I mentioned and their symptoms improved by an average of 70% over other sufferers who were not given any pills to take, Okay, this is you know the power of the mind, right? This involved Deacon Deaconess Medical Center. That's uh, the Yeah, That's where the study was done There 262 ideas sufferers between the ages of 18 and 80, who were either knowingly given a placebo so called sugar pill. Weren't given any pills at all, or were given peppermint oil or placebo in a double blind manner. Where, yeah, that's where neither the researchers nor the patients know which who had been given what And the improvements were similar in both open label and double blind placebo groups. I mean, this is astounding how How the power of the placebo. I think I'll come out with Doctor Health Pill C. Bose. How's that? Right. Some covid news for you. It's not a random killer. People who have wonder for chronic health problems are far more likely to die from the virus. According to this major new study, This was in the Published in the Journal American Medical Association, the big four heart disease, lung and kidney problems and as well as cancer. Those of the four and these risks are magnified if the person is also obese. Or is suffering from several of the diseases diseases at the same time Now, age also plays an important part, because, as you know, as you probably know by now, and it's all announced media that As we age, our immune system can emissions sort of it becomes less active. But again only if patients have one or, uh, between one and four of these health problems so you can have you can be a vital Vigorous 75 year old with no pre existing conditions, and your survival rate is similar to a young person. This was a study that involved more than 100,000 Covid patients, so good news there. All right, Let's see what else so let's go to some lighter side like your side of the news. Some health trivia for you the total amount of adrenaline in half a million people. Guess what it would weigh. Can you believe 1/30 of an ounce? That is how powerful hormones are I mean, it's just mind boggling. How just such a small substance a tiny Minute substance of these powerful hormones, and that's you know, it didn't completely change your life or it can make you healthier can be a deal breaker can Take you out. Kiwi fruit used to be called melon ETS. That's a kind of a good good name for for Kiwis. Penis. Worms do not have heads. There is such a worm called the Penis warm and they don't have penises, either. Uh, a newborn baby sucks in air. With 50 times the power of an adult. And over your life. You will take 850 million breaths. All right. I'll take you both out and a couple other trivial points for you. Britons are the most black those tolerant people in the world. You know, you always hear about how people can be lack of sin tolerant, especially Asians, People of Asian descent. And in that area of the world, But Britain's are the most electable. Lactose tolerant, which is the milk sugar found in dairy products. And speaking of dairy products. Cheesy originally meant excellent. So something was Cheesy. It was a compliment. Let us finally was sacred to men. The ancient Egyptian God of fertility because it grew long and straight and who's the milky substance when wrote, and by the way that latex like secretion has a calming effect, I think it's called bacterium and some varieties of lettuce, especially wild lettuce. Although you know if you will let us leaves if you eat them, That's probably not enough to feel an effect, but it has a soap of support for IQ effect in what kind of a sedative Um, feeling. I've actually ate enough. Let us to experience that and it's just pretty mellow. Okay elsewhere in food news, and we're going to be talking about hydration with with Linden. Just a few minutes. Like coconut water, and for Hawaii listeners. We you know this already that it's high in potassium, um, only 30 G of milligrams or other of sodium per cup and over 600 mg of potassium, says Super Iron potassium, But you can't get too much potassium. You know it can upset your sodium, potassium gallons. The unfortunate thing is that most people get way too much sodium. So having a drink like coconut water as a welcome addition to your diet, because it helps to balance out that Sodium, potassium balance. You know the osmotic balance in themselves. And coconut water this interesting. It also contains cytokine ins, which are plant hormones that have been shown to slow the aging process, at least in plants and insects and hopefully in humans as well. But you know that was one of the canoe plants. The Polynesian settlers came to Hawaii with this, and that's why we have so many coconut trees here, as they do in all, all of Polynesia. All right, let's go to the fitness file..

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