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Six two eight four eight today. We're gonna start off in belcourt. North dakota we have jimmy as your. He is the chairman of the turtle. Mountain chippewa trump germanischer. Thank you for joining us. Thank you for having me in. Good morning in german. We definitely one here. You know how things are going in your own community and you know. Rise of cases we see are happening in your state Give us an update of where things currently stand in. How much cove nineteen is. Impacting your tribe. How many cases are there. Go ahead all right now. Our tribe is directly in the centre of rolette county. And as of this morning rolette county has two hundred and forty active cases. It's a little hard to separate the county from the drive itself. But you know we're we're all one big community here so so we're all just trying to do our best in german just knowing you know what this means to the community to have something like this inter- you know um you also is is really important and i know you're hearing directly from the people in. What are you hearing from your citizens about about this and and things. They're hoping for on how to keep the community safe. Also it's a little splits. We have people on almost every level. You know we have people that are calling for complete closures and stay at home orders. We have people that are following the mask mandates that we've had in place since june or since july We've also had a curfew in place. But unfortunately in the last three weeks we have had a spike and we are moving on to a few more strict executive orders in what you know putting those orders in place. It's asking the citizens to participate in for you as a tribal leader when you do see citizens coming together in you know. Heating some of these orders. How does that make you feel. It's a little frustrating and it's a little you know you're always walking that line you know. We're sovereign nation. And once you start putting executive orders in place telling people to do the things that we've grown up. Not doing you know we were growing up. We grew up. We learn how to take care of our elders. We learn to. If you're faced with an issue you don't call in your family. Go see your family. Everybody come and you know we unite to combat. Whatever faces those. That's been the major issue in the major struggle with this virus in particular is that it is telling us to do all the things that we were brought up to not. Do you know it's telling us to stay away from our elders telling us to Stay away from our families don't congregate don't don't come together with a unified strength of a family and community so we're telling people you need to stand up part to unite and that is in direct conflict of everything that we are you know so. It's been a struggle and once you get to the point where you're issuing executive orders to stay at home and you know you can be prosecuted in the long term. You know worst case scenario if you were quarantined and you're leaving your establishment. You know these are all these are all things that we were growing up not to do. So we were not only fighting this global pandemic at that macro level but on the micro levels. We're also telling people to.

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