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Committee tomorrow. This joint committee. Jeremy hunt and greg clark sharing it and it's doing inquiry into kovic. They heard dominic cummings was absolutely sort of visceral about hancock's performance. Now we get to hear what hancock himself has to say about some of these allegations for example about pp procurement about decisions on care homes. And so on. How do you think hancock will perform. I think. Perform quite smoothly. He's gets very tough. Operators have been. Jeremy hunt will go for the jugular. i'd take after. Jeremy knows health service. Very validating been held secretary for all time. Jeremy counties also finally got his hat in the ring for the day when when boris johnson foles he is very much the king over the water at the moment. So i think he'll give hancock a hard time. You hancocks being accused of outright lying of pretending to the cabinet hits thrown up a protective ring around care homes when he hadn't pretending Capability to do testing the had Exaggerating whether that'll turn up. I don't know it depends with dominic. Cummings is actually come up with some documents and it looks as if he may not have done. It's one thing to blow out loss of abuse. It's quite another to produce a paper trail. And i think that would make the crucial difference if there is paper to say so then hancock's gonna suspect the may not be. I think you're probably right paper or even what's up. Saw text messages joining coming. Sort of reading out hancocks text messages at the last tearing which made everybody in government quail. I should think wondering whether they will be next. But you're right if there isn't any substantiating evidence you sort of wonder whether where that goes really finally politics the conservatives have been doing their best to reignite the culture wars yet again this week so we've had l. oliver dowden the culture secretary wading into this row about an england. Cricketer who sent some been criticized for sending sexist and racist tweets. And we've had gavin williamson who you thought might have thought had better things to do putting in his hates to about an oxford college taking down a portrait of the queen. What is it. The toys are playing. I here. This is a the distraction technique when something's not going too well it's always good to produce a talking point. It's a talking point. That's not really about politics at all. It's about identity. It's about which side he warned It's trying to talk the other side. The opposition with also sorts of strange things unit because a group of extremist students at oxford. Do something like this. The queen somehow Implicated so it's quite clever politics. But it's dirty politics The reason culture war except that being created by government ministers on purpose and it's very destructive. I think i think it's a great divider of the country along artificial lines it's totally spurious at polito and be as. Thanks so much for joining us you if you want to hear more about matt hancock appearance before that select committee on thursday. Listen to today's episode. Today in focus where i speak humphries about what it could mean for the future of him and the country after the break we had to call. We'll be right back..

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