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And now last question here is how is this supreme court decision going to affect future bills in the Kentucky legislature? I is is you would you expect that practices going to stop where we have where we take one Bill and essentially attached to something else. There are people who say, well, why didn't we just vote up the pension Bill, and it either it it stays or goes who are we gonna have the is business going to be changed in the legislature after this decision yesterday? Well, legislators legislators across the country knew something called Mason's manual and Mason's manual is like it's almost like the the the guidebook or how do you operate a legislature? And the wait what we've done is in nations. Everybody does this. I say that everybody does it but legislators across the country. We're going to have to look at every single Bill that we do a committee substitute on and acted almost guarantee. Anything that's enough changes that you have to change the title. You're not gonna be able to apply the same rules that we follow all the way in nineteen fifty five democrat controlled house in democrat control Senate started this this process, and so it's gonna it very well could result in more special sessions because the reason you do this process is you're running out of time. You don't. Have enough legislative days to do the three full readings because you've got to do three or four readings in the house. Then you've got to do three full readings in the Senate and the fastest that can get done is in five legislative days. So if you've got something big, and you haven't gotten it done. Yeah. Four five days is you're stock. You're going to have to have a special session. Boy that is going to change the dynamics you think so many things getting done in in the last couple of days that are hanging in the balance here. Jerry Miller, I really appreciate you spending some time with us this morning, and and shedding some light on this. Thanks, very much and good luck. You guys are going to need it. I mean, this is. Always thank you for taking your time. To study this issue. Joe it's such a complex issue Representative Jerry Miller. Thanks very much for joining us. I hope you have a great holiday season. And I really do. Appreciate you. Joining us this morning. We're back after a short time out of NewsRadio. Eight forty WATS ATS.

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