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In that. Yeah think. It's it's. What's the purpose of them moving more and what's the purpose of giving them? A movement opportunities in. In schools and enough shut-ins, and it goes back to that universal claim that what we're trying to do is get them to move more for longer but. Equipping them with the. The toes and the knowledge skills and understanding. But again, you know they're they're the that's Detroit pal type response that we've had many years to move more. You need knowledge skills and understanding. These days in the last few years actually I'm not sure that is what you need. I think I think having pulled. Putin. You better off having the not have enough. But I think now you need strong emotional connectedness. Movement, you probably need strong social, bonds Within the movement environment said that you feel safe secure will sense of belonging connected to the people around you. So I think the social and emotional drivers. Now Naughty skills in understanding, you can have knowledge about that. You could note that you respond better as an individual when you feel sense of connectedness to those around here. But I'm not sure that's what we always talk about knowledge skills and understanding it tends to be suit I science it tends to be. Knowledge around health. Evidence. Well, at the handle, they just say ten years. Really question. Knowledge at the Behavior Challenger. I I'm not sure that it does change young people's behavior. I'm not sure it changes that I was behind. The assumption that way we driven by Russian addity human beings. Therefore know that physical activities good few you are going to be physically active. I think. That seems a somewhat dubious assumption. On I'm not sure that as many active adults whose motivation has been blown and carried through from when they were. Ten twelve fourteen years of age into that footage because when leg with ten somebody tells them that it was really good for them. I think people stay active because I find the love full a movement. Context. That And that drives a such a range of factors with the people with the place. I think it probably is how you learn to identify with yourself in that movement context. Are you feeling? Strong successful will confident or comfortable bull is there a degree of self efficacy going on? So. Again, we in upon that psychosocial domain. As Essential Knowledge for people working in this field. So. A question Bash in I think we've really underplay the effective emotional. The mine When it comes to support him behaviors. Yeah I think this would be a wonderful round up for our. Part.

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