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L. D. tomorrow the Dow city council's going to debate the building of soccer fields under high three forty five that's that little stretch of central the connects forty five to seventy five Rodrick west is the son of Texas state senator Royce west he says five soccer fields will be run by private investors for affordable creative space for independent small local businesses as well as act as a link between the farmers market in developed countries are providing a safer experience for pedestrians or walking under overpass in between the two now councilman Chad west says tech start looking into the idea of removing or burying that month and one point three mile stretch so why do this now a lot of what the ideas are more athletic field on it and especially Markel alphabetical about sort of the behind the scenes dealings and discussions and then the potential ramifications of what worries everyone he says this debate could get nasty Republicans possibly eyeing taxes says a new location for the Republican National Convention this summer Matthew Wilson from SMU says it would be a huge undertaking the Republicans hold out of North Carolina that becomes a bigger story and it's possible that the damage done from abandoning North Carolina could be greater than whatever is gained by citing the convention and some new state now the convention is scheduled for August a week after the democratic convention Texas Democrats have named their speaker of the house Nancy Pelosi is their special gas at their convention next week speaker Pelosi is set to address the convention on Friday night through the democratic party's website also to be carried on Facebook live party communications director will be remind you though it said that Texas is a very important state and once Texas turns for you're going to be great for America she was always interested in doing that Texas Republicans are hoping that the pandemic will be controlled enough to allow their in person convention in mid July party chairman James Dickey being a lot more spaced out than we have in the past that includes a lot of hand sanitizer stations in Austin Chris fox news radio ten eighty KRLD where hackers during a pandemic since so many people are stuck at home it appears hackers have more time to carry out their evil deeds the United Nations is warning an increase in cyber attacks as a possible side effect of the pandemic the agency's disarmament chief says there's been a striking increase in computer based crime including a six hundred percent jump and malicious emails there's also been a rise in cyber attacks against healthcare organizations and global medical risk search facilities Pam Coulter CBS news has since SpaceX say there go for tomorrow's planned launch of it all goes as planned two astronauts will fly in this space craft to the ISS and that would be the first human spaceflight launch from the United States in nearly nine years if we see something that we disagree with certainly we we have the right to to intervene I launch expected to happen about three thirty tomorrow afternoon so of that wreck on seventy five coming up traffic and weather together next these are challenging.

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