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FM, Woodbridge WMA, Washington. Tune in. So you can take us with you wherever you go W, L, A Cumulus station. News. Seven thirty. I'm Heather Curtis. A plot outbound on any handheld cell phone use while driving might not be enacted in Virginia governor Ralph north amended another distracted driving Bill to include the ban. But the Washington Post reports house speaker Kirk Cox says the amendment is out of order and likely won't come up for a vote. The amendment needs to be approved by the legislature to go into a fact soon drivers will no longer have to navigate around potholes on the BMW Parkway last night. The park service did emergency repairs on the southbound section between Maryland routes one ninety eight and ninety seven tonight. They'll start work on the northbound lanes of that stretch, it's seven thirty that structure will be closed from then until five tomorrow morning. What we're going to be doing is putting down a new kind of patching material that we're hoping is going to improve driving conditions until we're able to start a long term project. Completely repaid the Parkway sometime in mid April Jonathan Schaeffer with. The National Park Service. They say he owes them, but signs are empire after Jesse Sma latte will not be paying Chicago one hundred thirty thousand dollars to cover the cost of the investigation his into his reported beating which police say was staged mayor Rahm Emanuel doesn't believe the actress claims that he's innocent. When he does pay the city back on just purely what the taxpayers have fronted in that memo section. All right. I'm sorry. And I'm accountable for what I've.

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