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When he was talking about he thought the greatest challenge was to see if the air for secondary can handle this see receiving on because it they can't that's gonna leave it wide open for the run game all day what I want to do is this when you play against one of your categories below normal football game it was twelve fourteen possession of the game something like that against these guys you when we get eight or nine it is so this boss office has got to be efficient today you know we we see last week a little bit of a while to get going can they get going in fine points early Ellen forced air forced me to come from behind win but I think that's a little bit watching today with the good interesting contest between these two the boss in the falcons here today is Colorado wraps up its non conference slate. it'll be it'll start to think about this I think we we talked about this a couple times during the last couple of broadcasts leading up to call to state and the branch for you could make the argument that the first three games Colorado's opponent is playing its biggest game of the year in some respects rams against the bus Nebraska against Colorado Air Force maybe against other bubbles you today well not for one thing the time of this game is gonna affect this team at all July eleventh they're done with French. and so this is a team to get up and play and practices early. here's an coaches like early games they really do stand right now what sort of other players and coaches like early game so this is that that will be an issue. I hope you'll join us on the broadcast on a couple of people that work also with the city to get on in there today.

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