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Singers Metropolitan Opera mezzo soprano Kate Lindsey it's a set of three seldom heard eighteen century cantatas by Handel Haydn and Alex Sandro Scarlatti all on the lugubrious theme of lost love the CD is called Arianna in each of the pieces tells the story of our E. Adeni Arianna in Italian she was the princess from Crete who fell in love with the Greek hero Theseus she helped him find his way out of the labyrinth after he slew the minotaur by giving him a ball of thread so that he could retrace his steps through the maze Theseus took her to the island of naxals but abandoned her there eventually the god Dionysus rescued her and turned her into a constellation in the twentieth century this was the subject of recharge Strauss's famous opera R. Ianni alpha knocks those but it was a subject that had already interested composers over three hundred years earlier handle like bar occasionally recycled his own music the first aria in the handle cantata vacate Lindsay sings on this recording is actually the same music for Handel aria she sang just this past season at the met she played a very kinky young Nero and handles viciously satirical opera Agra Pena which was composed around the same time as the cantata in the opera Nero's ruthlessly cynical mother Agra Pena will stop at nothing to make him emperor in one scene she's gotten Nero to attract followers by throwing money at them it's the very same music down to the memorable introduction that.

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