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And that's all they've been doing along with the world bank through the pentagon and uh the oss became the cia and that involved alain delon we could talk that goes right into the kennedy assassinations known oh thermal major rogue elements major fourth branch government shadow government stuff rogue elements of the cia fbi yeah you're right i mean i'm not going to our debate that because the spaniards interviewer steven if you listen to the let it be album john lennon with giving us the klu fbi cia a little titi aged called gigot into their entity when bobby kennedy when bobby kennedy was assassinated it was the security guard there was supposed to protect tim that shot him right behind the ear inn sir answer and was all the way across the other side of the room on loaning has gone into the door janzen the ceiling there's definitely some interesting things happening and we don't have answers for but you and i both know in many people know on that uh there are answers but will never get them and when we say or even discuss or even bring up this possibility were looked at as conspiracy theorists go put the tinfoil had on don't do that i meet nino the drill so i gotta balance i appreciate franco political yeah yeah no it's a lawyer and correctness absolutely absolutely great call appreciate it buddy thanks for rain in the ccm says one eight seven seven forty nine steve wanna make sure i give everybody a shot on this so we're gonna jumpsuit brady in a las vegas bradier brody 100 my glasses logan the bone brady okay welcome i bought my friend one would grow up i think the real problem wi with these two hundred in florida us it's now wish he are fifty below the last four or five seniors use the 50 billion lead down cologne catch that can laughing the liberal squeamish about um that whole down whole scenario king is he'll this guy he was screaming for attention what how many people call the fbi and i'm gordon gets a gun ashes the background check by using a are fifteen shoots up to school and mentally ill and he's on psychotropic drugs again killed the problem is really now with the earth fifteen how did we get here fifty background checks not nazi again and malia common work.

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