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Many bad matches with riddle. Rail defeated lashley. I just didn't like the week finished. She did like that was just a week. Finish from it of course we're gonna This wind probably will end up having riddle versus lashley for the united states championship Down the road. We dana brown versus shayna baszler as. But that wasn't supposed to happen. This pisses me off once again. Rob making random matches out of nowhere. Many rose was supposed to have a match shayna baszler but shayna baszler left. Came out of nowhere during the entrance and attacked her and dana. A no no attack mandy After attacking last week fazlur attacked rose. Madder nowhere leaving the match in doubt. But of course data breach hits the ring in regular clothes and demands a match for baseler. It happens brief scuffle. And we've actually bishop dena brooke defeating shayna baszler With a double. Jack double flap jack. I don't even know what the fuck that is. Data brooke leaching whatever this is all this legends night. Do you hear what i'm saying. And this is legends night. Horrible booking. i can't. I can't even put this over guys i really can't We had jeff. Hardy versus randy orton. Which actually was not a bad match. Either ordinance jeffer- fucking veterans. They better give me okay. Match or corn with an ko after an attempt With a twist of fate and randy wins one three I like this matches because it was jeff alleged as much as people wanna say. He is a legend in randy. Beat legend legend tonight. It had to happen. Whatever after that we had the lucia house party versus that her business But before that we actually had a weird awkward encounter with molina Right well you've thought about that bullshit once again. David molina said your spanish right. The whole night was that that was the whole night. Wasn't that kind of fucked up. I wanted to molina and say. Hey you're spanish right. Let's put you in a quick lucia segment to lose your house party like what no. It's it's fucking. Wwe that's what the fuck do it's terrible. But they had a match between Between the hurt business which was shelton. Benjamin cedric alexander. Mvp washroom commentary Her business was was taking over most of the most of the match. But then we gotta A super kick benjamin and.

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