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We'll get raises a four thousand dollars counselors, and librarians. We'll also get the raises. It's part of a plan agreed on by state leaders. The eleven billion dollar plan also reduces local school property taxes money for all of this record spending will come from state taxes, especially the oil and gas taxes. The Austin convention center will get a one billion dollar expansion. The plan adopted by the city council, expands the center to the west funding will not come from property taxes. They'll rely on a higher hotel, motel tax. The city council has okayed some new rules for people writing the Docklands scooters, for instance writers, can make use of Austin sidewalks about the rules state. They need to be writing reasonable improve way, the transportation parts, Jason Redfern explains. So if somebody were writing a device on a sidewalk, and they didn't hit somebody, then we could say that they were potentially writing reasonably imprudently, however, that same writer was on the sidewalk, and they ran into a group of people, they did not act, reasonably imprudently councilman repeal rental re-express is some concern. This would leave a number of situations to individual police interpretation. John Kelly NewsRadio kale BJ controversial event planned Leander's being called off. It's known as drag Queen story time and just like it sounds men dressed, as women, come to the library and read stories to children following fairly heavy backlash from the public, including a lot of parents, the city of Leander now says it's canceled that event and it's currently reviewing the libraries programs as include a public survey that will soon be posted on the city's website over the city is given no official reason for this cancelation another event that was scheduled for June, eight called summer, superhero, Saturday has also been canceled. Patrick Osborne, NewsRadio LBJ, eight oh. Four years. Austin's on time traffic.

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