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Early any drummer with her up that's true we and although we always them you know we were sort of scrupulous about it we always try to do the tr attract first live yeah and you know sometimes we'd get it and if we didn't we take a sample from the track regis recorded in credit the drummer who who played it i mean at the same time something like the title track of asia i mean that steve gad i think on on the first take yes or second mayo we did to takes i think the edited first and second pay together yeah so when appropriate you were very happy to use some you know whatever works room was earn philosophy he goes around a drum clinic still showing people how to play that that uh those fails that so all you notice that got you know we just set him loose there was a we had a a long chart was like eight pages or something uh i had come up with with uh larry curled and help me to to uh put it together and it was taped on 2s standin he just stood there was a power said drum slow he just he did who what he lives did he he provided the drums and we'll hear that for just a moment one things that people's struggle to understand for years and of maybe can never understand having not been inside the partnership is is just sort of who did what how it worked as a question could probably answer in an entire book which may be all actually right one day but what insight can you provide about the nature of the song running production partnership while irvine no we just get together that either his his a pariban amar partner we're cal for california we have rented houses but to an item general be at the piano and you know i have some ideas or he'd have some ideas and he would have a basic retires thing under which is kickaround around and whatever was whatever was the funniest thing we could think of the we we started working on that you could ever skin pro he like uh both musically and lyrically kind of well yeah i mean you know we wanted the music to good so that it wasn't just a pass stiches something like.

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