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Found in one of Meyer's prayer books. The suitcases contained nine pictures of naked little girl tied to a bed gagged with a scarf and the sixteen minute tape. Recording of what Ian and Myra had done to her. The girl was quickly identified as Lesley. Ann downey. The police were shocked not only by what they heard. But by what it meant for two years children had been disappearing in Manchester without hope of ever being found. Suddenly police had leads onto of them. John kilbride. And Lesley Ann Downey with such startling and damning evidence in hand. Police turn their attention to Saddleworth more. The more, however is a wild and barren landscape spongy from the Pete bog that covers its surface. Not only was Pete used as a naturally available heating resource almost everyone in Manchester at the time. It was often dug by hand giving anyone in excuse to be found digging. There it also meant that irregular land shapes and mounds were common. The more also stretches for thirty square miles. Ian, and my relandscaped photographs were too similar to vague for police to narrow their search, David and Maureen were little us here. Either. Even though they had picnicked on subtle worth more with Myra and Ian for years, they could only point out locations where they had gone together. Not where Ian might go alone in the end. It was an eleven year old neighbor named Pat Hodges who gave police. Clue they needed perversely Myra and Ian had routinely taken Pat Hodges out to play on the moors with them though. They had never assaulted her tried to kill her Pat showed the police the areas where Ian and Myra had taken her. Manchester. Police set out on October sixteenth nineteen sixty five to conduct the largest ground. Search in Saddleworth more history in one of the areas where Myra and Ian had taken Pat Hodges to play police spotted in arm-bone protruding from the soft peat the arm-bone belonged to ten year old, Leslie and Downey, Leslie ends mother was brought in to identify her body and her voice on the tape. Recording of Myra, and Ian assault the memory of her little girl's voice, pleading to be let go would haunt her until her death before the day was through Manchester. Police arranged for Myra and Ian to be brought before a judge separately. Both were charged with Leslie Ann Downey's murder to help police. Find other victims they examined ES photos. One showed my recrinching over the grave of one of their victims holding her dog puppet, though, the picture gave them a general idea. Of where the grave might be. They believed they could pinpoint the location if they knew how long ago, it had been taken which could be judged from how old puppet had been in the photograph of vet was brought into examine puppets teeth while under general anesthesia, they were able to determine the dogs age, but puppets, heart stopped during the procedure. When my relearned of puppets death. She lashed out at police calling the murderers and wrote to her mother saying that nothing in her life had ever heard her more on October twenty six nineteen sixty five police discovered. John Kilbride's body across a busy road from where they'd found. Lesley Anne down as grave John's body was clothed from the waist up his pants and underwear were beside him in the grave, a staple of crime scenes where the victims have been sexually abused. He had decomposed to the point that his parents could only identify him by his clothing police charge. Ian Brady with John's murder and charged Myra for housing in knowing full well that he had killed John throughout the police investigation. And during the trial Myra would continue to seem aloof confused and naive about what she was being charged with Myra insisted that Ian had taken John off onto the moors and return later for her help bearing him. But that she had no clue what had been done to the boy while Ian was alone with him. However, as we noted last week, Ian told reporters police and his prison pen pals

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