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With supply of medical oxygen is not the only area where covid nineteen of course has exposed shortages and inequities candidates temporary foreign worker program is also being reviewed now after the deaths of three migrant workers from corona virus, and the rising number of cases on Ontario farms in the south there. Andre Picard is global sales health columnist, and he's been with US each week over the past three months to talk about all things covid nineteen related. He is in Montreal Andre. I've been listening for the past number of weeks, so it's a pleasure to speak with you this morning. You had a chance there to listen to our our two guests to discuss the problems with medical oxygen. I'll. I'll. Maybe I'll just start there. How concerning is it to you? It's it sounds extremely troubling. Well, it's just one of the big problems on the global scale. This is becoming really a global pandemic. And million new cases a week and they're happening mostly in oil resources setting so really basic medical equipment like oxygen is in short supply, and that's why we're gonNA. See the death really sore in in the coming weeks and months unfortunate. Let's talk about the surge cases in the US now there's a somewhere near thirty or more states that are reporting an increase in cases, It is you know obviously troubling for Canada. What do you make of it? Well, it's shocking. What's happening? You know forty thousand new cases a day, and probably more that aren't being detected and it's just. It's a result of poor public policy. People just saying we're going to reopen the economy. It's no big deal. This real denial that there was a problem and the US is going to be heavy price for it, and as we know, we always say when the elephant next door sneezes. We get a cold and this is going to have a dramatic impact on Canada. Not only trying to protect ourselves from the pandemic surging..

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