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Said it i did anguish asian jokes i can't okay i'll give you the busy joked that sock so can you i'm going to stay away from uh i'll ever that's fine had merry way katie ksfo dot com if you have it that's okay they love you and on the bottom it says just kidding cares about morning show so when they drink i'm on this on all your good i buy one grounds problems here the crumbs and one of the crimes only we got some ground give me the crowd was give me the crabs i want to hear nancy pelosi that about the crumbs i like the crimes in terms of the bonus set corporate america overseas and versus the crowns day are kidding she workers to khayatt petition moves on is so pathetic meantime in other news okay this is why you want something crazy the as okay so when always when was obama elected what you're was it uh two thousand eight two thousand eight yeah yeah okay so this is a photograph from two thousand five that never saw the light of the day light of day this journalist um announced last week that he will publish a photograph of obama with the nation of islam leader louis farrakhan whoa at their man i'll tell you something their shoulder to shoulder happy smiling faces this journalists says it did not go but he did not go public with his photo because he believed it would have made a difference to obama's political fish future he took the photo is said you know i don't think a better show this to anybody oh if it was trump though it'd be a billboard because louis farrakhan that guy is he is he's a nut yeah he's a court he's a nuts and there's all baba with him smiling shoulder ninety older already okay this white house would have made a difference in the election i think i or you are certainly could have i don't know certainly could have long mad alive took the meeting at a at a um at a congressional black caucus beating a two thousand five but did not make it public because he thought it would have made a difference to a bomb as political future ballots talk censorship shali and wow yeah this photos eerie almost the way they i mean they look like they're to no good well.

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