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Trending this Thursday morning, you need to know right now about the decision of election. 2020 kfbk continuing coverage. There are reports this morning President Trump is closing the gap in Arizona, where Joe Biden continues to hold a slight lead. Ah, final vote from Arizona is expected soon. The latest electoral map shows Joe Biden with 253 electoral votes. And President Trump with 214 this morning. The Trump campaign has filed lawsuits in Michigan, Pennsylvania and Georgia, alleging voter fraud case Mark Mayfield with the latest During a press conference in Philadelphia yesterday, Eric Trump and Rudy Giuliani questioned the legitimacy of mail in ballots and accused election officials of hiding the counting process from Republican poll watchers. Governor Tom Wolfe says election officials at the state and local levels should be free to do their jobs without fear, intimidation or attacks and that these attempts to subvert the democratic process are simply disgraceful. Mark Mayfield News 93.1 KFBK. The Trump campaign is reportedly also preparing lawsuits that could be filed in Arizona, Wisconsin and Nevada and election officials in Arizona say it's okay to use a Sharpie marker on their ballots. Sharpie Gate erupted on social media. Over a video of a woman claiming that she saw poll workers giving out sharpies to voters because using the markers would invalidate a vote when ink from the Sharpie bleeds through under the ballots. Erica Flores with thehe Maricopa County Elections Department says there is no basis to that claim. That's not a concern because we have new tabulation equipment. That only reads the overalls and we have upset columns on the palate. So even with that bleed through, it's not filling in any other oval. On the other side, Maricopa County officials say the manufacturers of their tabulation machines actually recommend sharpies for their fast drying ink. Reports say that the U. S had 103,000 new covert cases, which is the highest ever and the first time over 100,000 K. P. K's Mike Barrow, reports Covic over You Can't watch anything else. On November 4th. You won't be hearing so much about it. That's what President Trump said leading up to the election. Technically, he's right today is November 5th and we're still talking about the second day of continuing ballot counting to determine which President will lead us through this Koven pandemic. But Corona virus reached a dire milestone yesterday. 100,000 cases in one day for the first time tallies also included 52,000 hospitalizations and 1116 dead. 17 states, including Kansas, Tennessee, Virginia, Nebraska, Minnesota, Indiana and West Virginia. All report Record numbers of hospitalizations. Mike Bauer NEWS 93.1 KFBK. The Rockland Teachers Association is suing the Rockland Unified School District KPK Jensen Raeder reports. The lawsuit claims the district is putting the health of students at risk Association filed a lawsuit after reopening for in person instruction six weeks ago, saying being back in the classroom is putting the health and safety of students at risk. It says the district failed to follow the safety protocols that both groups agreed Tio back in August. Rockland Unified responded to the lawsuit, claiming the district is following the state and local public health guidelines but that the teachers association is asking them to disregard those protocols, her state and local government directives. Jensen Raider News 93.1 KFBK. They're counting hundreds of thousands of mail in ballots in Pennsylvania, and they say they will be counting until Friday. Philadelphia City commissioner Al Schmidt says it will likely be tomorrow before we know the outcome in Pennsylvania. It is our featured audio clip this hour. If everything keeps up, we'll have the Total results in the next couple of days, but Pennsylvania allows Votes will be received and counted up until Friday, three days after the election, so we can't count what we don't yet have. So if you have mailed your ballot on or before Election Day on Tuesday It comes in Wednesday. Thursday Friday, those votes will be counted. Okay, so the by Friday, we should know. Rudy Giuliani and Eric Trump held a news conference in Philadelphia yesterday. They're alleging that Republicans have been not allowed to adequately observed the vote count that they've been kept late, at least 100 ft. Away. We're going to roll out audio clips from Rudy Giuliani coming up in about maybe 10 minute less than 10 minutes, actually, and he's very passionate about what's taking place, Not just in Philadelphia, he says. It's going on in Wisconsin and in Michigan and in Arizona and They're very concerned about voter fraud. They filed three lawsuits this morning. So anyway, we're going to play that portion of the story for you in about 10 Minutes. Margins are just unbelievably razor thin. Well, in Giuliani's point that he says, Look How is it that Trump had about 400,000 vote lead with more than 80% of the vote counted and it went away, right? What happened? I think Democrats would say, Well, a lot of those were Democrats that voted Malin write, and they're just getting to those ballot egg. That's exactly what they're saying. No question, by the way speaking which before we get to the network This was not. We're learning a lot more about the election results today. This was not the overwhelming blue wave that Democrats had been hoping for, had been planning for on election Night. No, and it's very, very evident. They thought maybe they had a chance take over the U. S Senate that does not appear that that's going to happen. They were expecting a much bigger night at the House of Representatives, and they did not do nearly what they thought they would do it numbers. No writers who are typically very critical of Republicans are riding this morning about Democrats say. You know, show a little humility because the president even if he loses, still gained 3.7 million votes. He pulled 2016. He picked up more votes this time than last time, right And and with a lot of minority groups, Latinos and blacks, they're saying OK, Democrats, if you do get into power your your plans. We are going to be giddy to go along with them. Half the country is not going to want that. Here's another very interesting statistic from the vote. Do you know that the his critics President Trump's critics said that he was a white supremacist and he's a racist and so on. He attracted Mohr minority votes. In this election, then since 1960 For a Republican, right? 19th more minorities voted for him than they've been voted for Reagan for Bush for any other Republican since 1960. And a lot of that and probably had to do with the economy. They say 80% of the voters that voted for President Trump the economy was number 1 70% of the voters who voted for Joe Biden Cove. It was number one on their mind. Right right there. Yes, that and that That's not at all surprising, right? I mean, that's kind of how we thought it would go here. The top national stories.

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