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Have you ever taken those drinks finder test. I did yeah so taken it. I love that that task that I've taken it changes too so that's that's good. It does change. Did your did your number. One change your top string change. Oh I don't think so no yeah I think one of them change change but not the top one. I don't think that's what I usually find the top. One they say is usually like how you're built and then the rest of them depending on what you do in your life can kind of they won't they usually don't change a ton but they can change a little only change like like like one. Maybe one of the themes changed a little yeah. That sounds about right my top to you didn't change so my number one is achiever. Number two is focused. Wow Okay so like obese. If I decide. I'm going to do something. Right right losing my voice was like very traumatic for me. Purpose identity the whole bit and so with this coping mechanism gone trying to figure out who am I. What do I do who now that I can't be an opera singer? Almost yes. Yes that was a very early decision so yes and I associate at safety with it yeah and it was a coping mechanism so totally right wow so you have very early identity crisis very early early and I really struggled and so now I started getting therapy because I finally started to show signs of like P._T._S._d.. And things like that is just so many things were happening and it wasn't called that back then we I mean they call it you Jesse but no one diagnosed with P._T._S._d.. At ten years later that I realized I had yesterday sure anyway so I did that to when you're in your developmental phase like right so that means your seventeen year old brain was aware that was kind of locked in which is now that's not it was is no binary no yes and I I had just so many skewed for views of what identity and safety and love and food all these things were or so skewed so anyway what to do next <hes> I'm into entrepreneurship like you know I've always been curious about it. I get Outta college and I end up getting a job as a bookkeeper at this company and on teaching myself accounting by night and then doing bookkeeping job during the day and then about six months in the manager just quit showing up to work he just quit. I guess he gets another job but it just never let us know. Stop just wears yeah so I come into work and I just being an achiever type. I just keep the office running anyway next thing and this is a little. It's an oil company sixty next thing you know I'm running this multimillion dollar oil company like twenty four years old yeah just doing it just because I'd seen the things going so I didn't identify as being being a cool thing. I was just going my job. -ality said okay well. I guess I'm George No right totally and and I still was I still viewed myself as a bookkeeper right but I just did what needed to be done income and that was a really good time like learned so much about business back then <hes> so that was really awesome. I learned to build system so I could get it all done and so I hold these gifts that I didn't even recognize until later but while I was honing needs gifts. I'm still binging now now working sixteen hour days because I worked full day I come in. I I leave last. I'm teaching myself how to do the things I need to do for my job after work <hes> I am eating super late. I'm barely eating during the day and I'm just driving being my body into the ground. I still have all this emotional baggage. I'd still binging like I'm just kind of a mess but I'm focused on work so who cares and so out walking wounded person basically totally. What is it focus on other things? Keep you having to feel what you're feeling. This is your normal so it doesn't really even feel like anything being go total norma so one day at work. I lose part of the vision in my left. I partially blind left. I I know and I'm so busy. I don't even go to the doctor for two weeks. What are you saying to yourself when all of a sudden oh that's weird did I can't see a little? I don't even remember because his thinking where now I'm like who the hell doesn't go to the doctor. You suddenly go partially like I can't even access the did that. He did head so I get to the doctor and she freaks and she's like trying to find her heart rate thinks she is a doctor and she has she continued to know where it is in the office because he hasn't had to use it and so long and I'm like why are you looking for your heart thing. She goes okay one of the things happening. Either you have multiple sclerosis or you're having a heart attack either way. I can't help you. You need to go to the emergency room right now and I was like well. They know backup backup backup backup backup backup. You decide okay. You're at work. You're really busy. You can't see a little right okay so now I'm over that and Oh my God I love it and then we'll move on you. Decide the best thing to do as well. That's an eye thing so I'll go see dr totally and and they go wait a minute. You can't see a little out of your eye and they kind of go wait a minute. They try to commute you right and they have their little inside there. Hey right and Johnny's looking for a stethoscope or something exactly. Oh my God okay this woman having a heart attack. Is She going to die in my office. She was totally freaking yeah so I said I'm not going to go to the emergency room because this has been happening for two weeks. I'm not having a heart attack. I'd be dead at my office. If that's what was happening but I'll make <hes>. She told me she sent me to unlike optic neurologists or something like that brain guy he does. I stuff <hes> so I went there. He did the tests. I did not have multiple sclerosis but he said be you have optic neurologists from stress. What's Your Life Life? You know my okay Nah. I definitely have a stressful life so the optic nerve in my brain the big nerve right behind your I had swollen and so it locks vision sheesh and so it took a took a took a long time for me to get my vision back in that I <hes> <music> but long story short. I knew I need to change my life. I was like okay. Something has to change so I did. What any woman does I think when she wants to take her health back and I joined a gym of course you know 'cause like what what do you do if you don't know you know and so I joined a gym? I start working out. I believed if I just lost the way that you know my health would improve and I can't even I can't even tell you how many times women have said this to me on calls like when I first meet them <hes> May we women have been taught somehow somewhere along the line that if we just lose weight that everything in our life will improve so I believed that so I went to the gym and I'm very focused and very very driven. I'm good patient good student. Whatever your overachiever like Jim stuff now everything yes so now I've added in eight BOOT camps a week? They have me doing eight boot camp so we with additional cardio on top. They have me on a twelve hundred calorie diet. That's no fat no carbs. It's just like chicken Broccoli really extreme it was super extreme extreme up and I was good at it but I'm under eating and over trading so I'm binging on the weekends dance. which now I understand is a biological like if you're starving your body will compel you to eat but I felt like a failure? I'm like what's wrong with me. Why can't I get this eating under control over eating on the weekends and I do so good during the week <hes> and really during the week as good as because I worked so much? I just didn't have time to really eat so <hes> so you know I do. I lost a bunch of weight. Despite the fact that I was binging I was a trim state ever been and but my health just got worse and worse than at this time I'm Ben Maller late twenties so eventually I get to my thirties I when I turned thirty my my hormones change I started to have some thyroid stuff in and now I put on even more weight and now all the exercise and stuff doesn't work so now I'm bigger than I was before. I lost the way and nothing I was doing was working and I had more diagnoses than I can remember to list. You like it's bonkers like the electrical system in my stomach stops working. I was diagnosed with gastro processed where you're going to be liquids the rest of Your Life so so I'm eating liquids it for eighteen months. Oh goodness <hes> so gossip. What sort of liquids did the have you on well? They would've put me on a sugar diet it so gossip breezes is like I it is not fun and I for people who get diagnosed with that. It's a really scary diagnosis because you can't digest food and so if you google the the nutrition plan it's all sugar. Even the mayoclinic gets like Vanilla Pudding Tapioca pudding all teens and the only variety in your diet is what soda you're going to have that day right and I was like I'm GonNa have type two to diabetes in one year. If I eat like this that was like that just sounds crazy doesn't it I know but the reason they do. It is because the the stomach literally doesn't digest need something that just disintegrates in the stomach otherwise otherwise you get like are you can't handle fiber at all no and so you get a tube in your side and you inject your food and that's one thing and then the other thing is <hes> the he can get these electrical pacemakers <hes> it's it's. It's so a such. It's not I just feel for folks who struggle with that so I found this woman great for anybody out there who knows somebody who struggles gastro processed. Just a great site called living well with gastro process. That woman helped me so much. I'm so grateful awful for her little website but I ended up doing something a little different so I the row I chose to take was just green juicing and that worked for me. It was no we'll juicing work. Yes it worked for me. Does it work for everybody. I don't know I just know me and so green juice every day right eighteen months later. I didn't have gastropod recess right then so that's Donald I on the movie. What was it the juice juice use reboot yeah? It's like a big big big fat fat. What is the guy from Australia? That's we both know him and we're both struggling. Remember his name for the life of me. Oh Guy that's hosted juice guy. Yes Joe Right so I did. I use a lot of his books to you. That was cool. I did a juice reboot way back when to how do you really great. It was hard but I mean yeah. It was really really great. I mean I ended up selling my juicer after I did a couple of juice reboots but it was fun I mean definitely like like the good side of cleanse. That's what I would call that yeah totally a right. It's a how long did you juice eighteen months. Oh whole now that would be a long time but I suppose it just becomes normal in that Matt length of time yeah you know I hired eating disorder coach so and the reason I hired her a it was great because I discovered they had eating disorder. It was like what we not. Everybody eats to cope with life so that was a thing that was really like a blessing in it <hes> as I I learned that I actually had a disorder like that not that binging is actually not a healthy mechanism but it's so common in our culture right that you know it so that was good but the reason I hired her is because you kinda go a little batty. When you don't chew food they chew food and Yeah I can tell you the story of just when I did my I didn't to jute two or more well to start with? I did too juice reboots uh-huh and the first one it was kind of <hes> the light version where you have food most of the time Yup and then the more extreme version was I want to say what was it it was a seven Sunday reboot and and there was three days in there where your juice only okay so those juice only days are really hard.

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