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700 wlw. It's for intra, fair and bet River Sports Book Roundtable are yes, the roundtable show Lance McAllister, Rocky Bowman changing things up in this third hour. We thought, Yeah, Let's have some fun. Do a topic. Take some calls. Take a break from the Bengals conversation. Why not? We started in off Bo Jackson and kind of said Wait into the band is on the field is one of those That just happened Moments Rock mea did that just happen moment and for me, It's always the ones that you were restored moments that you were watching live so and this is not significant in history, but I was, you know, a huge fan of defense growing up and I loved, you know, David for Church. I also love Steve Atwater Monday night Football. Broncos V Chiefs The Chiefs have running back, but any of Christian McCoy the Nigerian nightmare big had this had the oversized shoulder patches. A humongous you just ran over people is what he did. And there's a famous play where Steve Atwater is playing safety and runs up and just sticks. A coy falls backwards. I mean, it was one of the best Remember being young once I nine years old watching that was my dad, like, Oh, my God! Christian Koi is humongous. He just killed him so that I remember watching that And then everyone talk about the next day. And this is one off the field. But so my rookie year was 2002. And I'll never forget. You know, Usually we would get together is the players and we watched the money night football game together. Remember watching the game where T O scores The touchdown, pulls the Sharpie out of a sock and signs it and we're all like that, just, you know, he's not gonna do that. And then later that year, we had a game. We had a Monday night game. So we're going to walk through at Titan Stadium there, and so were in the locker room. Just kind of hanging out until you know we gotta go to walk there were watching some of the games and on the TV is t O scores. I figured they're playing. It's about the home. You know that was Green Bay home game scores, goes in the end zone and grabs the pom poms and never was like, No, he's not. No, you're not. You're good. He's not go like yeah, I just remember everyone, like literally rolling on the ground like with this guy lost his mind. I love it. I love it. It's good. Let's grab some of the phones as well. We had agreed Hills, Gary, Welcome to the show. Thank you, France and rock. It's good to be the, um Not one when I was, wasn't I think this was an 86 when the Chicago Bears played in the Super Bowl, Okay? And embarrassed at the ball like on the one yard line, and there comes William the fridge later on the floor, and I thought, Well, you know, he's just gonna open a hole for the run, and they hand the ball off to him, and he scores a touchdown. Cason spikes the ball and I think the ball exploded up. Nestor, my dad, We're just wrapping thought that was the most hilarious thing. Teen pals, man, he was something else leaving. All right. Thanks for the call Gary. Gary. Thanks, E. Remember, that seems season Monday night football against the Packers and Dick. You wanted to stick it to the Green Bay Packers, and he has a fridge score for the first time, are running play and actually caught a pass later in the regular season. Collars, memory of the Super Bowl. That thing that came out of the Super Bowl was the belief that Dick kind of hosed Walter Paige, he did not score. That game didn't score in the Super Bowl, the Hall of Fame player in that fridge kind of you does the sideshow got to score a touchdown in the second day. The score well, like 49.49 10 or something blew my by the way one When my My former trainer now, mentor. Still Ted Lambert, Deena's said he solved refrigerator in college. Stand flat footed and dunk a basketball understand underneath the rim to thief, womb. Reverse reverse, Doc. All right, let's get a check on news will doom or I've got a couple of audio clips of ones that happened off the field, but it related to The NFL. Some pretty good ones will grab Terry and cold rain. If you've got 15137491 7800, the big one in pounds 700 on a TNT college pro. One of those did that just happen moments when it comes to football as we continue with the furniture Fair and Bent River Sports Book Roundtable show 700 WLW. News, traffic and weather news radio 700. W L JEALOUSY. Cincinnati Vaccine Rollout runs into a problem. This is the 8 30 report. I'm Matt Reese. Breaking. Now Fizer is cutting in half the number of doses. It's.

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