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Creating the office of rural prosperity that I was committed to representing all cans rural and urban tell us a little bit more about Kansas will have the pleasure of visiting Wichita later on this year for people who've never been what would you say is the one biggest thing that people think they know about Kansas? But they really don't they have no idea how common sense in how progressive Kansas really are. You know, if you look back in history, first of all we came into the country as stay as a Free State. You know, we were we were anti-slavery long before many others in. So I think that's something people don't know. We actually have a history of electing women to positions. In fact, the very first woman ever elected to any office in this country was the mayor of our Gonja, Kansas. So those are things I think people just don't remember or. Don't think about when they think about Kansas. I think partly partly that is because tickly for the last eight years. Most of what's come out of Kansas has not been good news. You know, we had the tax experiment that caused our state to crash, and you know, and then obviously we had crisco Bach in his voter suppression in an anti immigrant stances. And we also unfortunately, took some some action that was pretty negative regarding LGBTQ, we're starting to undo a lot of that. And get the real face of Kansas backout. I did want to ask you about some of that. But you mentioned that Kansas is very common sense kind of state is that what helped you build consensus between Democrats and moderate Republicans just taking a kind of a common sense approach. Common sense in collaboration. Think of all the barn. Raisings that happened in the state of Kansas as we were developing as a state, you know, that's how cannons operate. They worked together to for the common. Good. And I think that's the approach. I always took in the in the state Senate. I was the ranking minority on the budget committee. So I was in negotiations with Republicans regularly trying to put her our budget together budget is policy. So yeah, it was important for me to be able to find common ground one of the big critiques. I think of democratic politics nationwide is a focus on social issues that make some people kind of edgier uncomfortable, your first act as governor was to signed an executive order that reinstated protections for LGBT workers. It was something that your predecessor governor Sam Brownback eliminated back in twenty fifteen. How do social issues especially Forni ones, like LGBTQ rights and so forth affect? Your Bill your ability to create political consensus. Well, you know, they're they're really are think already is consensus on the LGBTQ issue. I think that governor Brownback went to the extreme, you know, if you had come to Kansas maybe fifteen years ago when we were more there. I can remember the very first vote that I took in the state Senate was the question of pudding, basically a discriminatory clause in our constitution, banning gay marriage. I voted no on that. Then it did pass. But but since then, you know, Kansas have really evolved from that position. And I think they understand the LGBTQ issues better. But they also understand that you cannot have a state you cannot attract young people. You can't keep your young people here if we have really regressive policies like that in place. We're speaking to governor Laura. Kelly democrat from Kansas about building political consensus in Kansas..

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