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Plans you and I talked about this in a different light about four five weeks ago it's if it went up when people have real problems like losing their job and they're you know they're struggling literally to put food on the table it is hard for some people on how to say me out to grieve not getting to go on a vacation I was promised you know I was supposed to be interaction Keiko's and I was pretty pissed about not getting to go to action taken subject stuck sickness for this you know but you know but it's it's it's really feels inside of me uncool to be whining about that when there's people really got real problems you know it's like first world problem not shut up no that's like a one percenter problem so really shut up you little whiner and that's what goes through my head and yet it is really good you what you're suggesting is with this disappointment this article in disappointment of cancel plans just it's actually valid for me took to grieve not getting to go on the trip I was excited about one of the worst things we've done as a society is to set up grief comparisons that my grief is more important in your skin we use it two ways I jaman each other and ourselves yeah yeah I'm touching myself but other people chained me to I'll get a I'll get hate mail for it but I just didn't hear that that's right in someone else's gonna sing you hate mail because I think it's going to make themselves feel better it's not yeah and so when I think man I for the first time my M. Easter means so much to my wife it's their big family vacation some people come all and we celebrate Easter by ourselves this year alone but as a family we've never done that and so when we're setting up this weird zoo me thing and we're hiding Easter eggs for just us I think you have a somebody's somebody's sick right now here's the thing that doesn't make them any better there's not a there's not a sum zero of grief that I took from them right so I can make them better and it's not gonna make my law school way so the only thing you can do with grief no matter how big small whatever don't compare it to acknowledge it I do not know I don't compare it doesn't solve anything then if you have somebody pass away in your life in somebody else's only sick it's not gonna make your lost any better to shame them for being upset too all pain is is a signal for something you loved all pain is something for sim is a symbol that you had something that matter to you let that be okay ingesting knowledge your grief however big small well it doesn't matter yeah but it just sounds it feels lacking in humility to grieve something like I totaled my Maserati you know it hurts you know now there is no but I mean it's like you know that happened a few years ago I actually did do that but but yeah I mean the you know but that's like what a pompous but **** you know thanks to themselves what other people would have been just happy to have a nice car and you know and but I'm I'm not I don't like the car I was upset about it in total that's that's a lot of money that's right it's okay it's okay to grieve it's a it's not okay to read your own nose in it or somebody else's nose and now since solve anything yeah and don't expect about understand your thing right out there right now we don't put it out there have a community that's the the third and it's super poor thing my grief is you have to work it out with other people and you can not grief by yourself it's got to be done with other people and so maybe you've got some other guys in your life that have Maserati that will hurt with you you call me I'm proud I'm not so much under this conflict Twitter's going to wear me out for four days for this but because you're it really is the ultimate in whining I mean but but I I get that understands pompous and yeah but but but the point is I really like drawing that out that it's it's everybody grieves differently and it's okay it's it's not okay to compare your grave somebody else's for yourself or somebody on useless I can't let go then go you shouldn't be worried about that I mean other people got real problems not only does that to somebody else and then not only do that inside my own head right and that's part of what this article is about dealing with the disappointment of canceled plans so we may just read articles and I don't know but that's not ours there's other stuff other stuff in there okay all right good enough good stuff and Johns put some videos on YouTube this YouTube channel has lost its mind yeah yeah it's it's John John baloney at John Maloney it's their act under John Boehner Doctorow against John Glenn I couldn't believe how many people are are just tuning in yeah well I mean the old hello how much media consumption is too much any all that Allie is with us in Minnesota alley welcome the Dave Ramsey show right thank you for taking my call I appreciate it sure your question for Dr John so yeah I had a basically a food addiction for fourteen years since my early teens I know it's an addictive pattern worry over Easter I'm I'm at work and I think about like that fast food place them in a drive by on my way home I'm at the grocery store and I passed by candy and that's all I can think about and I try to be strong and then I go to leave and I just grab your bag might hide it from my husband I've had good success with it where you feel better and I'm eating healthy and I've lost weight and my spouse has always been so supportive of me and encouraging and I am the nerd in the family you know I make the budget and we were pretty tight budget but I I just justified the moment I just ignore it like this is this is ruining our budget because it happens so many times a week or grocery trips or whatever and I can I just ignore them like optics but later on it's obviously sabotaging that fell on I'm just wondering if you have any tips for long term how I can overcome this that was sabotaging our budget I feel yes you'll call the tiny town of just wondering if you had any advice on that where does this come from this one in your family J. the traumatic event your childhood no no I mean my family kind of snack then I right okay I mean I was kinda made fun of growing up just because I was a little bit heavier so but nothing really dramatic from my childhood K. so eat you can apple different things here so number one I want to if you were with me I would hug you for a couple different reasons number one I love you I'm glad that you called and I know this is a hard phone call to make number two I have a regular shame session with my wife when she is doing the laundry and I've got candy wrapper shoved in my pockets I do health for a living right how bout this I'm gonna put you on hold and they're gonna catch you after the break because this is it this is an important question I.

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