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Ryan cover a ton of great stuff in this episode. Like being an exciting kid watching his dad. On sales calls arriving at the naval academy campus in annapolis to play football. Running a side hustle. He was an active duty military officer and flight. School being intrigued about the launch of over and deciding to be an uber driver to understand how it worked joining startup accelerator to get initial investment to start his own software company and much more. What can we create to get something into user's hands and get feedback and build a traction story that enables us to get this off the ground and get some preliminary funding to actually scale the business. The first product was an e mail in a text. Message service what we did was curate. All this information about events in airport traffic and weather transit schedules on any type of information. We get her hands on and created into like email that we would send out drivers to help them understand. What's happening but at the same time that traction without having a mobile product which i.

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