United States, President Trump, Special Counsel discussed on Brett Winterble


You list justice anthony kennedy spot on the supreme court shortlist includes would you need to know to seventh sixty decision on the united states supreme court the next few days and we'll be announcing it on monday what's now saying off the island were thirty one people pronounced next michael cohen pretty clear that he's looking for a deal is the deal with the president the special counsel am seven sixty talk breaking news let's try this real quick let's talk about authoritative news sources versus authoritative news sources so here's one for you infowars really you don't think info wars is got authority in any way shape or form go ahead no no why do you say that simply based on the hosts flint you talking to you talking about alex jones jones yes yes everything you know he comes out and says the these kids in thailand these are crisis actors like come on he did not say get out of here anywhere crisis actors close okay so here's here's an example okay you know that everybody looks to journalism school journalism schools like the poynter institute in journalism schools they understand they they get what is a trusted news and information source right they get it they understand it they.

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