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As a twenty to thirty year old white male average height with a medium build whoever's doing it just stops ms eventually you're gonna get a call one way or another police would like to remind everybody to lock their cars they say if you see something to say something keep your eyes open when the warm weather over the weekend and then the bacteria levels in our state beaches agreed once again and after that heavy rain in the middle of last week because the rising bacteria but the annual governor's bay day on Sunday was a big hit been celebrated here in the ocean state since eighty nine that followed a massive oil spill and started as an effort to showcase Narragansett Bay but also to highlight the vulnerability of our water waste to governor was that Russia will beach in Narragansett we just heard a cut from that in Jay's newscast parking at state beaches yesterday was on the house tin roof it was free state officials said that all state beaches that had been closed last week were re opened so that's good news just in time for the governor's bay day Alex and ani what is going on city of Providence is looking for a new sponsor for the downtown skating rink because the jewelry company company Alex and ani not going to be renewing its naming rights after its contract expires this coming November so the signs will stay in place until then Alex and ani city centers been the name of the ring for the last five years city official says the signage will be changed in that naming rights request for proposals well that's already been released so they're soliciting proposals now to rename the downtown skating rink the Alex and ani skating like well at least it'll be the Alex and ani skating rink until late November over the weekend something you might have missed in Coventry the police advised anybody who had contact with the raccoon or other wildlife in the area of beach street in Coventry to contact the animal control officer or the state health department because that raccoon is tested positive for rabies to make sure your pets and you know their shots are up to date too because you never know what's out there police were called to the area on Thursday of last week because a raccoon was attacking a cat there the raccoon was killed and taken to the health department for testing for rabies and the tests came out positive that cats being treated at a local animal hospital for AV rabies exposure to police also advise people to check the rabies vaccination certificates for their animals and if it's not current to contact your vet do that please okay and this happened in the town of Coventry in west Warwick account across country ride to honor a fallen soldier made a stop here in the ocean state as we hear from Alexander Leslie and I witness news writers with a tribute to fallen soldiers Memorial torch motorcycle ride have been on the road since July fourteenth we begin on the west coast in Eugene Oregon we like the memorial flame and it stays lit all the way across the country this summer the group is traveling through seventeen states.

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