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This was a huge expose and New York Times. We mentioned it last week. Facebook's PO post to close its third straight month in the red, which would Mark its longest monthly losing streak on record. And Furthermore Facebook's on track for its longest quarterly losing streak since two thousand thirteen its first full year of losses since going public. And according to some experts, the stock is not done falling. Well, I'm sure that right? I'm not sure that the company is going to survive this. That's what we were saying last week. I mean this. Instagram. Has his hand in other companies are surviving and other companies that are strong, but as a whole, yeah, it's got a big problem on its hands. And now that revelation that the people at the top, Cheryl Sandberg, Mark Zuckerberg. We're covering up a lot of what was going on that they were working with shady companies. We're putting out false information that they knew about it goes on and on the sanctimonious quality of the hubris. Again, is what people are sick of. And big tech has never really had to face it. Then there was another because they've been so sanctimonious. At the top forever. And no one really thought we needed to rein them in. They they were doing so much good. They were spreading the internet. All these third world nations and come on. So I just looked up the Facebook. Oh, Facebook is. Here's the headline for CNBC. Facebook is on track to post its longest losing streak ever. Are they you said I didn't hear the longest streak ever. And it's going from twenty five to one forty one thirty two. So it's a it's a losing most of its inflated value. Not done falling. No, no claim to experts. Speaking of falling talk about your worst. Nightmare elevator plummets eighty four floors an unbelievably and thankfully, everyone managed to escape the thing unscathed. This was over the weekend were six people visiting Chicago's fourth tallest skyscraper. Skyscraper. Skyscraper wound up living out a literal nightmare. They elevators cables snap sent the thing. Hurtling toward the ground dropping eighty four floors before it finally came to a halt, the writers, including two college students a middle aged married. Couple and a pregnant woman all board. His death trap laid on Friday after an evening at the signature lounge at the ninety fifth floor of eight seventy five north Michigan avenue. Formerly known as the John Hancock center. At first the elevator just seemed like it was moving a little faster than usual, which wasn't exactly a great sign though. Again, it was an express elevator. But then the ride got really bumpy. According to one of the students on board said felt like a flight into Chicago. And that's when everything really hit the fan. Luckily, they were all rescued. It's toaster about how it finally came to a halt. It's sorta somehow thankfully after falling nearly a thousand feet the elevator ground to a halt near the eleventh floor and the traumatized passengers were able to call the fire department for help still that was far from the end of their awful night because it took rescuers three hours to get them out of their one said, they couldn't find us. We thought we only fell a few floors. But we ended up falling eighty four floors. The firefighters had a hard time locating the elevator. And then once they finally did they were forced to bore a five by five foot hole into a wall of a nearby parking garage to access it. It was a really precarious situation where we had the cables that were broke were on top of the elevator. We couldn't do an elevated elevator rescue can can happen. Sometimes it's super duper crazy is if there's a lot of cable like if the cut and the cable was way up high the cable can fall beaten cut through the elevator. Oh my God. So so they have to have emergency backstops or something. Right. That part. I hope they figured out these days. I always. About that one. But it's supposed to have breaks that prevent that. Fall. That's what I was thinking eighty four fluff. I mean, what what if it just had been, you know, those last eleven floors it had managed to stop. It's only eleven floors left at eighty. Yes, they would be dead. And by the way, one of the horrors of the that is rarely talked about one of them. Yeah. Well of the twin towers going down was that. The elevators all were cut in the middle went when the planes hit. And there was horrific horrific stuff went on because of that. Of course, people were jumping out of windows. No, no, no. I mean, the elevators when they plummeted to tell the story. I I know some eye witnesses describe what was happening. It was just terrible. It's a piece another yet. Another piece of that story. We don't think about in other news, Heather Locklear has been placed on another fifty one fifty psychiatric hold after a therapist determined. She was having another mental breakdown. She was at her home Sunday afternoon. What therapist and lawyer realized she desperately needed help someone called nine one one EMT's arrived, and she was taken to a hospital. There are reports that she assaulted her boyfriend. But then there are other sources that say her boyfriend wasn't even there and had not been there for days. This was an ongoing mental health issue that just resurfaced. Over the weekend. Well. Resurface when she popped the ball. Yeah. We don't know if alcohol was involved, wink, wink, but no crime was committed the medical call was simply placed as a health precautions. So we specialize lasts about six months ago. So they're coming more frequent she's going towards going through full rehab program or anything. Home in getting back into the fire. We'll just remind everybody that for severe alcoholism the data shows on average it takes four treatments in five years to get one year of sobriety. She's on her way. She's getting multiple treatments. You keep struggling and eventually hope it gets through them, and the the horror of alcoholism that people don't we're so used to talking about opiates and its myth and meth, but how the one of the powers of alcoholism, it affects your brain so profoundly that you just can't you lose your judgment to see what's going on. Yeah. Absolutely. Silicon Valley their wages are dropping for everyone in Silicon Valley, except the highest paying jobs, of course, scores nine out of ten Silicon Valley jobs pay less now than when net flicks. I launched back in ninety seven despite one of the nation's strongest economic booms and historically low unemployment rate that outpaces the national average tech workers have thrived employees in the middle of silicon valley's income ladder have been hit the hardest as their inflation adjusted wages declined between twelve and fourteen percent over the past twenty years. I'm assuming it's because of all the companies that are out there. Right. I mean, there's, but there was still be. According to a study from UC Santa Cruz is every program for tech and social change. The labour think tank working partnership examine the economic impact of these tech companies and these workers saw median wage increase thirty two percent over the past twenty years. But then the study found workers in virtually all other areas lost ground during that time wages for even the highest paid ten percent increase on just under one percents. It's not a it's not a golden parachute. Maybe to be a worker in Silicon Valley anymore. This is a really funny story out of Louisiana. I I mean, I'm still seven year old who loves bathroom humor. But a man in New Orleans was arrested after allegedly claiming he was going to quote blow up the bathrooms. What he meant was. He was gonna take a number two. I liked. I can't stand. The fact that the guy. The bathroom. Call the cops, right? He wasn't making a bomb threat. He was allegedly just talking about having do. Thirty year old Arthur Posey was attending a Willy's chicken shack when he reportedly. This is my favorite part. Yeah. Look after a big old day, Willie's chicken shack. You might feel like you're going to have to blow up the bathroom. You know, he was there. Restaurant worker still police he had made a violent threat against the place claiming he said y'all about to close right now because I'm going to get a bomb and blow this twice. Now when you put it like that it sounds right violent. Yeah. Like you'd better close now because I'm gonna blow your bathroom up. It sounds alarming and shocking, but overall. It was just he was just using the bathroom, and perhaps some hyperbolic language describe what planned on doing in there. Perhaps he told employees. It was a huge misunderstanding. He said he's now facing two counts of communicating false information of a planned, our sin back in court later, this I like this on two levels one if the poor guy was just talking about taking it, you know. Lot of the toilet to. If this is his defense hats off to him. Create. What do you mean like the baby he really do want to blow the bathroom up that guy need to come up with a story now and came up with this? Oh, I see either way. This guy's winner. Winter. This guy's this guy's my favorite guy. If you look at a photo of them doesn't look like a bomb maker to me, it looks like let's say. But not a bombmaker. We are now studying social media's benefits on our mental health. And guess what? Limiting social media has a huge benefit on our mental health. So how many hours or minutes? Do you spend on Instagram Facebook Snapchat, act, all and how does that powerful vortexes social media tend to make you feel? Well, if it leaves you lonely and depressed more than connected motivated. You are not alone. We needed to study for this. We know this. Well, but this this is the first study. Yeah. The prove that this negative relationship exists and that limiting our exposure can benefit our mental health. The other part of the study is they showed people who are already depressed had a more pronounced response. Right. If you're extra makes it even worse. Yeah. School districts culture is largely to blame for not up rooting teacher sexual misconduct, especially here in southern California campuses. According to experts beyond the human toll for children who've been sexually traumatized by school employees in positions of authority, the cost to taxpayers when educators failed to properly intervene are staggering here. In southern California alone teenage victims of sexual abuse in high profile cases, over the past seven years have been paid three hundred twelve point seven million dollars to settle their lawsuits against school districts who pays that we do in August two thousand sixteen the Redlands unified school district paid six million to a former citrus Valley High School student whose teacher Laura Whitehurst bore his child. He was one of three students Whitehurst was convicted of molesting. And then this August Redlands unified agreed to pay fifteen point seven million to settle three sex abuse lawsuits involving eight plaintiffs who alleged they were molested by Redlands high school teachers, Kevin Patrick ERC. Alan, and Brian Townsley and the theater technical director. Bryan, Backman, it was the largest legal sediment in the schools school districts history goes on and on. I mean case after case after case, we're just paying out millions, and it's because it's mostly high school age a lot of them high school. There's some middle school in here. I want to tell you. There's a myriad of reasons why educators failed to act and the collegiate level of this has yet to be fully exposed onshore opinion. There's inadequate training of school district personnel. There's lack of consequences for administrators who failed to report suspicions as required by law and a reluctance to ruin another teacher's life without hard evidence. Improper follow up after an employee has been warned the clout of teachers unions and a desire to avoid the black eye of bad, publicity, all of this perpetuates the problem. Harpo? If you want to be a successful CEO get a dog. If you wanna be. Behind most C, suite executives is a very good. Boy, definitely deserves a biscuit. And this is according to a new survey of about eight hundred and fifty seven working people conducted by a Kelton research for Banfield pet hospital, and it turns out the path to career success doesn't just run through Wharton, but starts with childhood filled with puppies kittens bunnies, are hamsters and astounding ninety three percent of CEOs surveyed grew up with a pet. Seventy eight percent partially attribute career success to owning a pet as a child. Keep in mind. It's done by a pet hospital, but nearly a quarter. Twenty four percent say their childhood pet taught them more valuable lessons than their first internship. A whopping seventy seven percent of C suite exact same. They came up with a business idea while walking a pet. Probably dogs could snap many cats need walks. Sixty three percent of these head corporate honchos, believe pets had a positive impact on their ability to build relationships with co workers and clients, you know, we going to be joined by my friend, rob Schneider later today. Excellent Schneider will come on in here. And do we you know, we can talk about Spain all three of us. How wonderful thing to do. Rob does he have a new show coming out? I don't know what he's he's making the rounds here. Of course, he's from SNL, and he has the real rob show, which that's improv on Friday, the twenty thirties talking about that. I I'm a huge fan of real, rob. I'm a big fan of that. And I will give him crap about the fact that when I first watched the show whose them who cast this thing. I don't know if I buy this casted it. Yeah. I know. And then his wife is casting. That woman is his wife his wife. I know I was like. They do not believe that rob come on overcast today. And he he loves that story because he liked a he likes he likes giving himself grief. Lawrence. Von Dr drew. This has talk radio seven ninety KABC. You're in the middle of.

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