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Fifteen last year at this time. Never would've saw zaven collins was. I personally wasn't familiar with him. Last year a linebacker from from tulsa at this point time last year didn't know much about it. Jalen phillips we knew as a big time recruit and ucla ended up at miami. He played as well as any pass rusher in college. Football last year ended up being the eighteenth pick Jason davis was a late riser. Their kentucky go through some of these other names here. T- greg newsom. At northwestern was the twenty six pick peyton turner from houston was a twenty eighth picks. Stokes from georgia was a twenty th. Pick the rest of those guys. I feel like we. You know we knew the opt-out guys with joe try on and jason away but that's a good number of names of guys who i mean you might have known who they were a little bit but we weren't thinking of these guys is first round pick slasher at this time. Now they weren't household names. They weren't stars and dj. I think it continues to speak to what we talked about the pros and cons of being an opt-out. Football is a developmental sport. Where you have to get reps to develop and become a better player. The only way to acquire skills through repetition and so some of these guys who will be viewed as johnny-come-latelies or one year wonders. Were guys who really the light went on. After years of development on the practice field they finally clicked and they started performing at a high level in games. You talked about all of the mag jones guy who he was the backup quarterback behind two guys. That eventually went on to be atop picks before he got his opportunity to be the starting quarterback and when he got his opportunity he took advantage of it I think we go all the way back. Before joe burrow joe burrow was another one. They kind of came out of left field to be the number one overall pick. It is really important for us just because we don't know the names early in the year..

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